Wednesday, December 31, 2008

A New Stage of Life

Just a few weeks ago, I was holding on tightly to 2008. Today is a completely different story - bring in the new year!

We've noticed, when hanging out with friends, that we are all in different stages of life. Some have houses and are working on those; some have children and are developing a family. Most have moved past the stage of life we are currently in: married college couple going from day to day.

I have been perfectly content in this stage. I love renting. I enjoy being able to make plans at the last minute and not worrying about what to do with the kids. My job is great and we've done lots of fun traveling. Our life is pretty simple and, despite a few short-lived longings for the next step, I have enjoyed where we are at right now. Part of me has not wanted to move forward. I am comfortable in this stage.

2009, to me, will be about moving to a new stage in life. Hubs will not be in college anymore. He'll be kicking off his career, while I take classes online to finish my degree. We will probably still rent for a while, but we'll look for a bigger place so we can add a dog (hopefully) to the family, realizing that buying a home is right around the corner. We will not stop traveling - with 3 trips already planned, we are talking about a couple more, too! Our conversations will change: we will discuss how to use our resources wisely to plan for owning a dental practice and having a family someday. 2009, my friends, seems like the start of a whole new chapter of our lives.
We. Will. Officially. Be Grown-ups.

Hubs and I couldn't be more excited for it! God has prepared us in every way for our next journey in life. I've realized that our lives will change, but we will will be the same people. We can't wait to start looking for places to live, planning for what is ahead, and living this next journey.

That is what 2009 has in store for us...what does it have in store for YOU?


Audrey said...

offically be grown ups!!! yea!! :) oh my, just wait, NOTHING grows up like having kids...
anyway, looking forward to hearing updates on your new stage!!

Audrey said...

you* I left that word out of my other comment :D

Shanle's said...

i was always, somewhat, sad when a chapter of our life closed. but, somehow, each new chapter that andrew and i have shared just gets better and better. and having a baby has been our best chapter yet. we, too, look forward to buying a house and even having another baby!! =) happy new year, clabaughs! 2009 will be a great year for you two!!


Jeanette said...

each chapter is filled with so many great memories! enjoy each chapter - don't read the cliff notes, take in every word, you'll be glad you did!