Friday, May 22, 2009

Home again, for a week.

We made it home.

We boarded our plane at 10:00pm Tuesday (Hawaii time). About 2 hours later, the seat belt light came on, the flight attendants came around to tell us to sit down, and the ride became pretty bumpy.

I saw a flash of light outside, freaked, and woke Hubs up.

Me: We're in a storm! There's lightning outside!
Hubs: Really? He turns to look out one of the windows.
Me: See that flash of light?
Hubs: Um, Feath, that's just the blinking light on the wing of the airplane.

He fell back asleep, but I was not able to sleep for the remander of the flight.

Now, we are home; well, our home for 7 more days. We are busy packing starting to pack and make arrangements for our move. I can't wait to share more pictures and stories soon!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009


Aloha! We are leaving Hawai'i in 5 hours and will arrive back on the mainland tomorrow afternoon. I can't wait to be back in the windy state of Nebraska, where I will not have to see the beautiful flowers of Hawai'i anymore. I hope it is super humid, too. I love that. It will be so nice to not go to the beach everyday...that was getting old. Actually, I told Hubs that I could live in Hawai'i - no problem. Living this life would suit me just fine.

Once again, I have pictures saved for future posts with fun stories to go along with. But, let me sum up our vacation for you, in case you were wondering what we actually did.

Went to the beach

I, personally, read over 2,560 pages. Hubs finished one book and is almost finished with his second.

Walked to the beach.

Walked to the grocery store.

Drove to the beach.

Hiked, once.


Hang loose all. We'll see you soon.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

A view

This video is from the top of our favorite hike on O'ahu, the Kuliouou Ridge Trail Hike. It is not for the faint-hearted - it ends with 153 very steep steps - however, the view is worth it.

Favorite Spot

Yesterday, we went to my favorite spot on the island. Yes, I am allowed to have a favorite spot having been here twice.

Our favorite spot has crystal clear water. You can see all the way to the bottom while you swim. The ocean is calm and although it drops pretty off into deep water very quickly, the entire floor is sand - no sharp rocks and coral or squishy seaweed like you find in Waikiki.

It is truly the our paradise on the island. The sand is beautiful here, too. Little, tiny, shiny pepples that you can sink your feet into without the fear of scraping your foot on a rock.

Yes, it is hard for us to believe that during the winter months we would merely look at the giant waves barrelling in with enough fear and anxiety to simply stay on the beach. We've only seen it like this - calm, and unable to resist the lure of the teal water. Sunset beach (aka: our favorite spot) is only 1 mile from the Bonzai Pipeline, where some of the best surfing in the world takes place during the winter months.

We've noticed that all the local dogs love the ocean. We saw one in Waikiki jump off the very high groin (think of a cement pier) right into the water where he remained until his owner drug him out. The dog in the picture also loved the water. He swam out with his owner past the teal water to the beautiful blue areas, his dog right along with him. At times, we saw his dog resting on his surfboard.

Hubs and I had been a little disappointed by the lack of sunshine our bodies were absorbing, so I opted to use 4spf tanning oil, while Hubs didn't use a thing. Finally, I am looking tan. Hubs, however, didn't get the same results. He is feeling a little tender today and looking more like a cherry than a beach bum.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

The past week.

I plan to extensively blog on the events of last week, but until then I did want to pass along fun pictures to remind you that I will be back...someday soon.

Hubs gradumated (no, that is not a typo but just me being silly)! It was a wonderful feeling seeing my Hubs up there getting hooded as they read off his long list of awards and achievements. Too bad I didn't get a picture of my shoes...

I was up early setting up for the big shin-dig, which went well. We were able to see lots of friends and family - the entire point of the night. We did have a little fun, too!

I fell into bed, exhausted, only to wake up and have another two full days of activities until I found myself here on Tuesday morning.

Now we are forcing each other to relax and enjoy doing whatever we want until Tuesday. Life will be waiting for us back home.

Monday, May 11, 2009


I didn't relax when the house was clean. I wasn't even all that excited when we boarded the plane. It was a different feeling this time. I couldn't see out the window as we landed. The excitement just wasn't there. As we gathered our luggage, I still wasn't relaxed and ready to vacation. And, when we picked up the convertible I just didn't get all that excited.

But when we turned into the neighborhood of our Hawai'i home, then, I finally knew being here was a good thing. The breeze from the ocean reached our hair, gently bringing with it the smell of salt water. As we walked into the house, memories immediately flashed into our minds. We stepped into the backyard: this is vacation.

I can finally relax.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Four years ago

Hubs has the camera in Kansas this week. Otherwise, I would be showing you pictures of our apartment. The boxes that are piled up in every open spaced. The table, which is full of items for the party. The preparations I have already made for the party. And, the shattered glass all over my kitchen that my brother broke when trying to pour a glass of water.

Instead, I am pulling out an old picture that I came across as I was cleaning off the pictures from my computer and putting them on disks. I'm not sure why I enjoy putting gross pictures of myself on the internet, but there is some sort of draw to this sort of humiliation that I cannot control.

This picture was taken in August of 2005. We were a newly engaged couple and had just attended Richard's White Coat ceremony, which marks the beginning of dental school. Compare this to the picture that was taken a few weeks back at the Professional's Day ceremony and I think we have come a long ways in four years.

Yes, it seems we have improved ourselves at least a tad bit in the past four years. But, back to the old picture.

I have to believe that it was a very humid afternoon because I am very sure I would not leave the house with my bangs looking like that. That dress also did nothing for my figure. Where is my waist? And last, but not least, if this is August, why in the world do I look so ghostly white?

The one thing this picture has going for it that it not true today...clear skin. I'd love to know what happened to that clear skin over the past 4 years.

Monday, May 4, 2009


What's almost 5 feet, is NOT for actual use, and is red all over?

Hubs, no looking!

A giant toothbrush!

Leaving the Neb

I have - count them - 16 more days in Nebraska. After living in a place for almost 5 years (3 years longer than I ever planned on staying), here are things I will remember about the Neb.

1. My first of many Husker games. The cheers that were once completely foreign to me, are now engrained in my mind. Standing in the student section, hot and sweating, losing my voice while cheering, and then going out to eat with my roommates afterwards.

2. Going to the university. One of my favorite times in life was going to class, being busy with studying and homework, watching all 10 seasons of friends at least 2 times, starbucks walks with my roomie, and the spontaneity of life at that point.

3. My first time at Bible study. I got lost, big-time. I was so frustrated by the time I got there that I was to the point of tears, so when someone told me to move my car I lost it. But loving it when I was finally there.

4. Flock - our small-group of young married friends that meets on Mondays. Monday night will feel empty for a while as we adjust to our new schedule.

5. Pioneers Park. I'll always remember this spot because it was where Hubs proposed. Nebraska will always be the place I meet and fell in love with Hubs. Whenever I think of those memories, they only take place here.

Blogging will be sporadic (but not absent) for the next month. We will arrive in Kansas on May 30. Stay with me, I will be back with full force and plenty of new stories.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Long week.

After a long, exhausting week, I dream of this:

And I'm not talking about the bloated cankles.