Thursday, December 11, 2008

For Pop and Gram

I was missing my Pop-pop and Gram last night. It's been such a long time since I've seen them (since May); and, it will probably be a long time until I see them again. I can remember when I spent Christmas with them last and it was YEARS ago.

There was a time that they lived down the street. We could come over whenever we wanted and saw them all the time. I have some great memories at their house or on trips with them. I took those years for granted. We moved away and they get to travel all over the country and see so many great sights.

Gram is always up for playing games with me, even when she has better things to do. I've always been able to talk to her about anything and she has always been there to listen and to tell me the right thing to do. We went on some fun trips together and I love hanging out with her. I love Gram.

"Pop-pop can fix anything" is what we always say. He can build anything, too. He taught me about the center of gravity when I was building towers with blocks - I aced that section of physics. Whenever I see a train, my mind immediatly goes to Pop-pop because he used to build locomotives for GE. He was patient with us as we tagged along to help him with his projects and taught us so many things. I love Pop-pop.

So, if you are reading, Grandma and Pop-pop, I miss you and will miss spending Christmas with you. I am horrible at calling and emailing and writing, but I think about you all the time. I am planning on 2009 bringing us to visit and spend much needed time with you. Travel safe.

I love you, Heather

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Melissa Marsh said...

Aw, what a very nice post! They look like lovely people.