Friday, January 30, 2009

What I have been doing today.

I was here from 6:30am - 1:00pm:

My mom had surgery on her elbow because she broke her elbow off. Wonder what a elbow broken off looks like? Let's take a look.

Here is what a normal elbow x-ray looks like:

Here is what my mom's elbow x-ray (pre-surgery) looks like:

The plan was to take the piece that broke off and pin it back to the ulna, wrap some wire around it to keep it in place, and check the cartilege for damage. By 7:30am, Mom was rolled off to surgery while Dad and I took off to the waiting room. Soon we were joined by Grandparents and Ruth, who brought us breakfast.

While in the waiting room, I snapped a few shots of us, well...waiting.

After about 2 1/2 hours, the very young surgeon came back and told us it wasn't as simple as expected. They had to place a plate and some screws in her arm. She gave us the post-op x-rays so we could see what she was talking about. I had to take a picture of them, so it is kind of blurry, but I think you can get the picture. There are obviously some items in the x-ray that are not usually located in the human body.

We are back home now. Mom is resting and I don't know about Dad, but I am about to do the same.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

A lunch to remember

Over my lunch break, I went to see my friend Abby. She, and her family, is moving to western Nebraska on Saturday. It hasn't sunk in yet, but it will. Once we go to flock on Monday night and miss the sounds of their 3 girls playing while we study. Once I need to have lunch with my friend, and can't drive that far. Once I need a little girl to give me a great big hug and there are none around. I'm going to miss Abby and the way she challenges me to please the Lord with my life. She has been good at challenging me to reach out to other people, just as she does.

Not only did I get to visit with Abby and hear about where they will be living, but I also got to help her out a tiny bit. I was packing up some breakable items and her two oldest girls came in to help. We had such a fun time wrapping up items in newspaper and then putting them in the box. These girls make me smile and laugh so much.

I will miss these friends very much; but, this lunch with be one I remember for a while.

Customer Service

I got a package in the mail yesterday from The Limited which is one of the stores where I shop. Knowing I hadn't ordered anything, I was surprised to see the package. Inside was a square, silk-like black/white scarf as well as a letter with a 20% off coupon.

I don't have a Limited credit card. I just shop there once in a while, since they can have some great deals. So, I was quite surprised to get this gift in the mail. The letter said they were sorry about the frustrations I encountered while shopping at

I had to think back. The only thing they could be referring to is an order I placed on Cyber Monday - a sweater and a cami. By that Friday, I still had not received an email informing me that the order was shipped. So, I called to make sure there wasn't a problem with my order. That's it.

Needless to say, I was very surprised and pleased to receive this little gift. I think the scarf retails at $19.99 and I will definitely enjoy using the 20% off coupon. I already really like this store, but this extra token made me even more of a fan.

We all have plenty of bad customer service experiences - plenty are popping in my head right now. And those keep us away from certain stores, for sure! But, do any of you have good experiences to share?

Oh, I ended up returning the sweater I ordered - didn't fit me right.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A blonde moment

Hubs said I should keep these stories to myself, but I like to make people laugh and it just so happens that my actions sometimes provide humorous stories.

I decided to work out over lunch. I was super excited to go upstairs (where the workout room is), turn up my ipod shuffle, and read a little of my book all while gettin in some great exercise. Usually, I turn my shuffle on and the tunes immediately start playing. This time, there was no music. I tried turning the volume up. I tried skipping to the next song or going back to the previous song - nothing.

So, my workout was not near as enjoyable in the silence, and I afterwards I headed down to research what was wrong online. The battery was fully charged. The earphones were completely plugged in. Then, I read the important information: ipod Shuffle might be paused, try pushing play.

The Shuffle has a total of 5 buttons on it, and the play button is the biggest. It should be the most obvious button to push when music isn't playing. It is also the ONLY button I did not push during my 30 minute workout.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The sales are calling

Have you noticed all the sales? Every morning I receive at least 1 email from my favorite stores alerting me of their newest deal. Whether it is buy one, get one or prices extremely marked down, it seems like shopping is calling my name.

I think it has to do with this economy. I don't think a day goes by that I don't hear about more people being laid off, or huge budget cuts that could affect people months down the road. Even days go by at my own job that I start wondering about the job security.

But, the sales call to me. My mind thinks of the great deals I could get and things I could get that I have wanted. But, Hubs's logical words echo in my mind, "Just because it is on sale, doesn't mean we need to buy it." It doesn't help that our vehicles continue to demand our attention money. All reasons to avoid the sales.

And so, I have not ventured to the mall lately; nor have I visited the online stores. The economy needs stimulated so I hear, but money is need to stimulate the economy, and jobs are needed for money. It seems like a giant circle that I will never understand completely.

All I know is that there are great sales out there and I want to get in on them.

Monday, January 26, 2009

It is time.

The decision was really made in October. I wanted to wait until 2009 to tell - when if would feel more real. 2009 came. It felt more real, but still not enough. I wanted to wait until after the visit. The visit is over, and I am completely ready to tell you our news.

Moving is not a new thing to me. I've lived in 6 states and moved many times. It is exciting - an adventure. And this time, it will be Hubs and me together, starting a new chapter in our life and I couldn't be more excited and ready than I am now.

I knew I would be ready for the move at some point, but it took me a while to get here. I told myself I would never ever move back to Kansas. I wanted to move East - to the big trees, lakes, and hills. It is completely God who has changed my heart and mind. Never, ever did I think I would be excited to move to the middle of Kansas - wimpy trees, a few lakes, absolutely no hills, and a landscape that is more yellow than green.

But, I am completely at peace with this move and I am very ready to do this. As we drove back to Nebraska, we saw the most gorgeous sunset on the horizon due to the flat, tree-less prairie.

Hubs has the best opportunity to work for a God-fearing dentist and with a great team. I know he is going to love it and makes my heart happy to see him so excited. He will learn a ton about dentistry, running a dental practice, all while glorifying God with his profession. We know that God has led us to this place - no doubts.

There are times it seems a little scary; and at times there is too much to think about. There are times that I will be sad to go; times that I will be strong for Hubs and times he will be strong for his Feath.

And, I will get to pursue one of my dreams of finishing my degree. I am looking forward to seeing what else God will do in my life when we get there.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is a great day.

The little things can sometimes make the day great. Things like:

Waking up without a headache for the first time in who knows how long.

Waking up feeling rested.

Seeing that Hubs not only read, but left comments(!) on my blog.

Getting off of work at 11:30am.

Going on a road trip with Hubs.

Looking forward to an ice cream shake from Bogey's tonight.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A better fit, a tired feath, some female advice, and a trip

I like my new blog layout and, based on the poll, most of you do too. Since I began the blog, I wanted to find something the fit me. The problem was that I had no idea what that would be, what it would look like, or what I wanted.

But, I found this layout and immediately liked it. I knew it was meant to be when it only took 30 minutes to make it how I wanted it (as opposed to the 4 hours it took last time).


On a personal note, I'm worn out. For someone who usually has energy to share, it is frustrating. And this isn't just and, I'm tired feel. It's a completely body tiredness, from my brain to my very smallest toe. So, after getting a clean bill of health from my doctor, I have come up with other possible reasons for my fatigue:

Lack of time-management: This also includes that I have not yet purchased a 2009 planner and therefore all my social engagements (ha) are in my head and not written neatly somewhere that I can constantly look to see what is going on. We will fix that problem over lunch today.

Lack of hydration: I am so bad and drinking fluids, mainly water, during the day. This has also been a goal today. So far, I've drank 12 ounces.

Addiction to 24: Yes, we have been watching religiously the first season of 24. For those of you who have also watched this show, you know all about the late nights spent watching "1 more episode," the pull to watch it instead of cleaning, laundrying, and anything else that should take presidence of TV watching. So, maybe I am just a little out of whack on my sleep schedule.


Ladies, if you are ever asked this question, "Do we usually use the small or regular speculum on you?" ALWAYS answer small. Don't question what a speculum is, and don't say, "Whatever you think."

Enough said.


We are taking a trip this weekend so you won't hear much from me. More details when we return!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A monumental day

Today, we are celebrating!

I watched President Obama (that sounds kinda odd) get sworn in today. I love all the ceremony and pomp and circumstance and that is mainly why I watched it. I actually wish I could have seen more. Although I don't agree with a lot of President Obama's opinions, he is the leader of our county now and I respect him for that. I used to think it would be so great to be the First Lady. After this past year, however, I would not want my hubs to have that job in a million years! But, President Obama's inauguration is NOT our reason for celebrating....

Hubs is 25 today! And, THAT is my reason for celebrating!

Happy Birthday Hubs! I love you. I'm so happy that you are relaxing this semester after a long 3.5 years of studying. Its been fun to just hang out with you all the time, now. Your hard work paid off (he's passed ALL his board exams so far) and I'm so excited for the next year of your our life!

Hubs and I share a very cool bond with his grandparents. I was born on his grandma's 60th birthday and Hubs was born on his grandpa's 60th birthday. We have termed the relationship, "Birthday Buddies," and as much as it has come to mean to me, it means so much more to Hubs because he has never know anything other than sharing his birthday with his grandfather.

As much as today is a celebration, it is also the first time celebrating without his birthday buddy. And today, we especially miss him.

Free Stuff

I love free stuff. I love sales, bargains, buy something, get something - all that stuff. So, when a coworker told me that Dillards and Younkers were giving away free stuff, I jumped in my car and headed there!

It's true! There was a class action lawsuit (I don't know why, what, or any details) and as part of the settlement, $175 million in cosmetics are being given out FREE. There are 14 different department stores participating in this and about 20 different products to choose from. Read here for more information on the stores and the products.

At Younkers, I picked up a Ralph Lauren shower gel that retails for $39.50, and at Dillards I picked up a Lancome mascara that retails for $23.50! Not too shabby!

You better hurry! This started today and goes for 7 days, or until supplies are gone.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Some crazy runner

Yesterday the wind chills were in the negative teens here. Nothing compared to my friends up north, but I would still classify the temperature as "not-condusive-to-outdoor-activities."

Perhaps I am just wimpy because I saw a guy running last night outside, without anything covering his face. He was in his cold weather gear, but I think even that stops working when we jump into the negatives.

I thought, That guy is crazy. I don't think you are supposed to be outside for extended periods of time in this weather.

After closer inspection of the runner, I saw that it was my very own Hubs. It only took 3 days for him to get sick of the treadmill.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The better hair

How often do you hear this phrase, "My Hubs has better hair than me!" In our case, it may be very true. But, the only way to truly know if your hubs has better hair than you is to see it at the same length as your own.

Many wives have not had this privilege; and, although I never saw it in person, I do have this picture of Hubs's hair slightly longer than mine is now.

We have concluded that we hope our children get Hubs's hair genes.

Looking Back

Last week we cleared our pictures from Hubs's about-to-crash computer and put them on mine. It was a great time of looking back on our life together. I was surprised to see how much we've changed and decided to take you on a short journey of our years together.

Nov 2004: Our first visit to Kansas to meet the Taylor family.

Dec 2004: Our first Christmas in Kansas. We did some skeet shooting. Hubs loves the picture of me with all those shells around.

Dec. 2004: Ice skating at Crown Center in Kansas City

March 2005: A trip to the Omaha Zoo is a must for all dating couples.

July 2005: Clabaugh vacation to Colorado - we had just gotten engaged!

August 2005: Hubs gets his whitecoat!

July 2006: We honeymooned in Riveria Maya, Mexico. It was wonderful.

August 2007: Clabaugh vacation to Colorado - we walked to Starbucks almost every morning.

Nov 2007: Thanksgiving Day 5K race. Hubs got his wisdom teeth pulled 2 days before and it was 20 degrees out!

July 2008: Vacation in Hawaii!

I've known Hubs for 4 1/2 years now, and my life prior to him seems sorta surreal. It seems like so much longer - in a good way. When I catch up with friends on facebook or look back through pictures, I hardly recognize myself. Do you ever feel like that?

I hope I have matured in all areas of life. And, looking back, I see how friends and experiences molded me into who I am now, but man do I see how far I still have to go!

I am really good at looking back and missing the past; and looking way ahead waiting for the future. But, purposeful life lived right now is what causes me to grow and become that woman I want to be. The last week has been lived without purpose, just going with the flow, and I realized how lazy, depressed, and self-absorbed I get.

This morning began a new day. A day of action. A day to reach out to others. A day to live for the Lord. A day lived on purpose, with a purpose. And, I feel better today.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I want to do and what I will do

I wanted to be at a coffee shop all day today. Sitting in one of those oversized comfy chairs, far away from the entrance so I wouldn't feel one bit of the cold air. I wanted to bring some books along, and my computer. I wanted to sip on coffee and tea, while reading, writing, and catching up on my fellow bloggers; with my ipod playing some of my favorite music. I wanted to relax and waste the day away in one of my favorite settings.

Instead, I went to work and wasted time thinking about what I would rather be doing.

I want to go home tonight and change into my comfies. I want to slowly make supper while hearing Hubs tell me about his day. I want to finish the laundry and clean the kitchen. I want to hang out at home tonight, protected from the cold, and hang with Hubs.

But, I will adjust my thoughts on the way home so that I can quickly change into comfier clothes (but not total comfies), make supper and make the kitchen bareable before braving the coldness to be at my committed obligation for the majority of the night. The laundry isn't going anywhere; and the kitchen will not disappear.

In the smoker's corner - an update

Remember this post?

I guess I wasn't the only one in the parking garage bothered by the location of the smoking area because today we received notice that, effective February 1, there will not be a smoking area inside the parking garage. Instead, smoker's will have to take their smelly habit outside - in the wind, the snow, and the cold temperatures.

If that isn't motivation to stop smoking, I'm not sure what is. Oh wait, there is also the high risk of lung cancer and emphysemia. And, the effects on your teeth and breath, too. Plus, the expense of it all.

Funny thing, though. I decided to give up my reserved parking spot last week (for other reasons), so I won't even enjoy the benefits as much as I would have.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

A White Christmas

Christmas Day was not white in Kansas.

Christmas on January 9th was white.

We celebrated Christmas last night with Hubs' side of the family. We drove through big, fluffy, white snowflakes. It was beautiful and I got my wish.

Maybe Christmas should be moved to January.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Feather Thoughts

Whenever I come across some interesting quotes, or my brain is on thinking overload, I debate over whether to share them with you. The main reason is that they will probably bore you. But these thoughts don't leave my head until I share them, so I have come up with an alternate solution.

I have added a feature to the sidebar called, "Feather Thoughts." This is where I will put my random questions, my "aha! moments," or just interesting thoughts I have come across in reading or otherwise. You can read them if you like, make comments if you like, or ignore them if you like.

So, check out the first Feather Thoughts on peace. I stole most of this from a book written in 1975, but I found it very applicable to society, foreign affairs, psychology - pretty much our world in general.

I hope it provides you with Peace.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in the swing, my dentist, & santa

After having a 2-day work week, followed by a 2.5-day work week, coming back and working a full 5-day week takes some readjusting.

First, I had to put on dress clothes after 2 full weeks of lounging. I admit that I couldn't do it on Monday - I cheated and wore jeans. But the last two days, I forced myself into the slacks and skirt and was ready to rip them off by 10am 2pm.

Second, adjusting to waking up early after getting my body used to sleeping in until 7:30am. The first morning, I didn't even consciously realize the alarm had been going off for an hour before finally hearing it and getting out of bed. The second morning, I used a different alarm in conjunction with the normal alarm. That worked a little better. This morning, I missed them both and stood in the bathroom for 5 minutes wishing I could jump back and sleep some more.

Third, our evening schedule needs some work, especially this week. Hubs doesn't have to study anymore so we have lots of free time. Add that with our usual Monday & Tuesday night committments were cancelled leaves Hubs and Feath with too much time and nothing to do.


Before getting my braces off, Hubs and I made a bet. He said I would have at least 1 cavity, most likely 2. I said I wouldn't have any.

Monday afternoon, Hubs didn't have a patient schedule so I went in for some x-rays - both secretly hoping that I would have a cavity that he could use for his upcoming boards. As he is putting the 50 pound blanket over me which is supposed to protect me from the radiation, we both end up giggling and laughing and cannot stop. Hubs is trying to tell himself to be professional, which makes us laugh even more. I bet you don't have this much fun with your dentist!

He develops the film and....I won! No cavities. Now, if I could just remember what the stakes of our bet were.


And, some fun pictures of a Christmas game we played (thanks to J'net for the pictures):

Good thing I wore a red shirt!

I was pretty excited about my sack of toys.

My designers.

My competition.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open to the world

Since the day we got married, Hubs is always telling me to shut the blinds before I change clothes. I never bother with it, but he insists that people can see inside our 3rd floor apartment. I love having all the windows open at all times of the day, so it seems pointless to close blinds for the 2 minutes that it takes to change just so I can open them back up.

Hubs went back to school yesterday. One of the resident doctors lives in our building and came up to him:

Dr: Hey Richard!
Hubs: Hey Dr. How was your Christmas?
Dr: It was great. Hey, uh, did you happen to get a wii for Christmas?
Hubs: Yeah - uh, wait. Oh no, did you see me playing it?
Dr: Yeah, one night we came home and looked up and saw you going at it.

We had joked that this would happen, but didn't really think someone we knew would see us!

I guess Hubs's point is proven. People CAN see into our apartment.

Monday, January 5, 2009

An ongoing saga

We own our two vehicles: our neon is 9 and our dakota is 8. Somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9, so we have learned, vehicles need extra care. You've heard about neon's life in this post, but as of the past 7 months, we have had an ongoing saga trying to keep them both healthy.

Hubs took Dakota in for a check-up. Dakota needed a new transfer case, new brakes, new rotors, and something else. Meanwhile, Neon starts making some serious noises and is leaking oil onto my foot. Neon's battery dies and Dakota needs a new battery.

Neon goes in for her check-up. She needs new brakes, a new car-lock motor, and some other things. She gets fixed and also gets 2 new tires.

Dakota gets fixed. The cars are running great. Then, Dakota starts smoking a few days later. Apparently the brakes locked up while driving.

Neon gets a flat tire on the interstate - tire is unable to be fixed. She gets another new tire. The cars are running great.

Dakota won't shift out of 2nd gear. He gets a fix to his transmission. It starts getting cold outside. Neon's heater isn't working.

Not only does the heater not work, but Neon's headlight burns out. She gets a new thermostat and a new heater. Dakota gets a crack in his windshield - the fixable kind. The cars are running great. Dakota goes in for an oil change and his battery is about to die - yes, the new battery that was just bought in July. Get a new battery.

Dakota's crack spreads horizontally across the entire windshield. Dakota gets a new windshield.

We are frustrated. We are sick of fixing our cars. But, we are thankful that we are having car problems and not health problems. We are holding our breath...hoping that are problems are just about over.