Thursday, December 11, 2008

Party it up!

Last Friday was my company's Holiday Party. If, when you think of company party you cringe and visions of awkward social situations pop into your head, you have never been to my company's parties.

Our Holiday Party committee starts planning in the middle of summer and so far we have not been dissappointed with the activities. Plus, the food is delicious and the people are fun. There are not awkward pauses during conversation, but maybe that has to do with almost everyone in our company speaking in front of people for a living. Even Hubs, who isn't a huge fan of attending parties where he knows hardly anyone, enjoys himself. I believe that our company owners put this party on to thank us for our hard work and we in turn thank them by having a great time.

This year was no different. The committee put together an extensive murder mystery. We watched a video and worked as tables to figure out who the murderer was. Our team didn't win, but when the prize is a t-shirt with a co-workers life-size face ironed on, you can't be too disappointed.

Abby requested pictures of the new outfit that I wore. Luckily, the photographer captured a couple of my best side... (look for the bright green).

Look really hard in the background. Yup. There I am!

Okay, so they did take one picture when I was facing the camera.


The next evening, we got together with Hubs's family and played games and watched football. It is a tradition to go to a fancy dinner, but we decided to eat in and relax this year. I dominated barely won at Phase 10 and we ordered from our favorite Chinese restaurant. Plus we took this fun picture.


Melissa Marsh said...

The murder mystery was great! We have some talented people in the office.

LOVED the party! It was the after party that wasn't so hot...about an hour before the bar closed, people started talking politics. Ugh!

Jeanette said...

i need to send you your picture from flock dressed like santa! probably an after thought now....sigh, i'm still catching up!!!