Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A New Favorite

I was introduced to a new coffee mug over Christmas by my brother, who happens to work at one of my favorite stores: Starbucks. This coffee mug, apparently, has not caught on to the majority of people, but Tim did a great job of selling them to his family this year.

Ta da!

Okay, I know they look a little boring, but they are amazing. Did you wonder about why there are no handles? They are double walled mugs so they do not get hot at all to the touch! Yes folks, you can now cradle your hot cuppa joe in your hands with ease. They come in brown, white, and red and are only $6.95, which is a great price for such cool mugs, dontcha think?

I received one as a gift and I purchased the other 2. When I took it to the counter to pay, the starbucks lady even mentioned that it was weird that they don't have a handle. I, the customer, had to tell her why they are so neat! I was hoping she would include an extra mug for the tip, but no such luck. I will have to wait until they go on sale to get more (yes, I'm cheap and haven't convinced Hubs that we need 3 more mugs to add to our already overflowing mug cabinet).

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