Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The countdown is on. The tree is crooked. The presents are beautiful.

My mom had a great big advent calendar that hung on the wall. It was made of fabric and she attached 3 pieces of candy to each day until Christmas. We loved that thing.

When I moved away, my mom bought me a really cool advent calendar from Starbucks. It is a reusable one, so I got it ready this weekend.
There are 2 pieces of candy in each box. Each morning, you pull out the box, take out the candy, and flip the box around to start a picture.

We bought this Christmas tree for our first Christmas together. It is perfect for our little apartment since it is tall and skinny. After taking this picture, I realized the tree is pretty crooked, especially the star. The real problem, I think, is the star. It is too heavy for the tree, but I loved it and bought it anyway.

Don't know if you can see the packages under the tree, so here's a close-up:

Sarah taught me to wrap presents last year. Not just wrap presents, I could put paper over them and tape them up. But, she taught me to wrap presents so that they are pretty. Last year, I started with a pretty easy patterned paper, but this year I have the "ho's" to line up. Hubs was impressed with my new found skill. Hmmm, Mom, I wonder what this present could be.... :)

Wondering what our apartment looks like, outside of my beautiful closet from this post (it isn't that lovely right now)? You can get a little glimpse from the few photos, but I hope to take you on a tour of our abode in the near future - most likely AFTER I have cleaned.


Melissa Marsh said...

I tried to put my angel on top of my tree and it was WAY too heavy - bent the whole top of the tree over! So I just put the angel on my fireplace mantle instead. :-)

Great job on the wrapping! I usually end up having too much paper whenever I wrap presents.

Shanle's said...

Nice wrapping job, if I do say so myself... =)
I love your new post! Anything Christmas... puts a smile on my face! It was fun to see something in your apartment! =) I am looking forward to the tour...


Jeanette said...

i could teach you how to make "boat bows" if you want another skill to add to your newly found gift wrapping talents.