What are the Feather Files?

What are the feather files?

Feather was a nickname given to me by a young girl at the time I started this blog. Lacking creative ability of my own, a friend suggested "The Feather Files" and it stuck.

Reading this blog, you won't find super witty dialogue or thought-provoking commentary on the events of the day. What you will find, however, is real, true life. There will be typos and incorrect grammar. Our adventures, random thoughts that come to mind, and references to things I think are necessary and good [from shoes to books; to shopping deals to podcasts].

And while I promise to be open and honest, I will still try to conceal our true identity. If you want to follow me more personally, find me on Facebook! Now, let me introduce you to the main characters:

Feather // Feath // The Author
I love adventure. Always ready to travel to new places, I think adventure can also be found right where we are living. I try to keep us from getting too settled in our ways and from being too much of homebodies. 

One of my favorite spots is in a coffee shop reading or meeting with friends. I love cool temperatures and big trees. I enjoy trying new foods and recipes and have little-to-no skill in crafts and decorating, though I wish I did. I am not really good at anything, but kinda good at lots of things [which is odd, considering most bloggers have a skill in something]. Most importantly, I trust in the death and resurrection of Christ for my salvation, and I yearn daily to see Him face-to-face.

My partner in adventure and the man I love. For 5 years we have been hand-in-hand living life together. Mainly, that has been whilst in school. From dental school to private practice and now in orthodontic residency, Hubs is rocking the school life. I'm excited for him; he will be an awesome orthodontist. We are currently accepting future appointments. Kidding.

Hubs is a runner and enjoys golfing. He loves wide open spaces and huge skies not crowded with trees. He is blunt, cares deeply for people, and he works oh-so hard. He makes me laugh and joins me in my love for adventure. Most importantly, his priority is to lead our family in the ways of the Lord, according to His Word.

The Pups // Ransom
The Pups is actually named Ransom. I use his real name because I forgot to conceal it from the beginning and also because it doesn't really matter. He's a dog.

Ransom is a 5-year-old black labrador mixed with chow(?). We rescued him from the pound. He makes us laugh and we readily admit that we love him too much and are way too attached. However, we do maintain that he is an animal that we have allowed to reside in our [human] home. Ransom loves to run and play, eat, sleep - and then repeat the next day. He hates cats and loves dogs. He is a cuddler when we let him lay on the couch and he has the softest floppy ears there ever was. Basically, I have no idea what we ever talked about before he came into our life.

I hope you laugh with us at times. I hope you find enjoyment in reading our tales. Mainly, I hope you continue reading and commenting!