Sunday, December 30, 2012

One of the best birthday presents ever

As a birthday gift, Hubs presented me with two tickets to see Wicked at the Fabulous Fox Theatre in Saint Louis. When the day finally arrived, I was so excited to finally be able to go.

It was a rainy mess on December 19 and Hubs suggested we may not want to wear our nicest clothes since we had to walk 5-6 blocks from the free parking garage to the theatre. I gave him a look that said, I'm wearing my new dress no matter what the weather is like, and we dressed up anyway. I wore my Uggs for the fast-paced walk and changed into heels when we got to the theatre.

Windblown and cold, but excited!

Once inside the theatre, I literally just stood and stared at everything. My mouth was probably hanging open. It was one of the most beautiful places I had every been. It was so hard to describe, but modern-day architecture is so plain compared to the ornate intricacy of this theatre. We found our seats on the mezzanine level and tried to take it all in. We thought the lobby was beautiful, but the theatre itself was magnificent. Carvings, columns, intricacies and details that I don't see very often.

Before the show began, we went back into the mezzanine lobby to snap a few photos. There was an area that was well-lit and it was obviously the spot to get your photo taken. My hair was disastrous, but since we rarely never get dressed up like this, we needed to document it. I had bought a dress for the first time since he graduated from dental school. Completely serious about that. We need to do fun things more often!

I was on the edge of my seat for the entire first act; and then, I couldn't wait for the second act to start! When musicals are well done, they are so beautiful. Seamless, exciting and enchanting. I had purposely stayed away from reading anything about the plot so that it would be completely new and it took me on an adventure I didn't expect. I loved the plot, the music and it made me love The Wizard of Oz even more.

It was a late night (waaaaay past my bedtime) and a cold, wet walk back to the car, but it was so worth it. I was still singing the songs in my head the next day and I could go see the show again. It was one of the best gift Hubs has ever given.

The only way he could top it would be a trip to New York City for my big 3-0 birthday in 2013!

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Oh, Good Grief

I searched through my past photos to see if I had anything interesting to blog about - you know, since it has been 2 months - but I didn't have anything. Photos seem to make things more interesting though, so I pulled some random ones while I update you on our life.

If you have done much moving around, you will understand this. It is so interesting how you adapt to a new place. Without knowing it, you plant roots. For a while, I didn't think I would ever extend roots in Saint Louis and maybe I even tried not to. Now I can see that there are people and things I would really miss if we leave. That topic - what happens after residency - is a subject that is approached almost daily but never do we leave it with an answer or a leaning any certain direction. We have lots of thoughts and ideas and plans and dreams. And faster than we ever imagined, we are now down to 12 months left.


One thing I love here is the trees. Beautiful trees in the fall. Each Sunday as we drove to church, my face was glued to the forests searching for the brightest and boldest colors. I wasn't disappointed. 

Have I told you that I ride the MetroLink to work? It is the transit train. I drive about a mile to the station, get on the train at 7:15 and it takes me within 3 blocks of the office. AND, there is a Starbucks on my walk to the building. It's like it was meant to be. I have really enjoyed this. It is way cheaper than parking, plus I don't have the expense of gas. Sometimes I read a book, sometimes listen to a sermon and sometimes I sleep. Every once in a while I have to drive to work for one reason or another and I am reminded why I love the train - St. Louis traffic.

I am so anxious for Christmas this year. I haven't seen my brothers in FOREVER and I have NEVER met my niece. I can't wait to savor every moment spent with the family before we go our separate ways again.

 When we come back from Christmas, I am starting a new job. It came without me looking for it (which are usually the best opportunities), and I seem to think it fits me pretty perfectly. It won't be without its challenges, but I'm excited about being used in a way to serve people and the Lord. It wasn't easy to leave my old job, though. I attach myself very easily to people and positions and roles. And I have a great boss who taught me a lot about professionalism, work ethic and office management. I'm so thankful for the job the Lord has provided me with for the past 18 months and very excited about where  I'm headed now.

Hubs and I are as happy and in love as ever before. I finally understand what all those people meant when they said your love grows deeper. Its entirely unexplainable and wonderful. But what they should tell you is that it doesn't just happen. It takes purposeful, intentional loving of one another - putting each other before yourself and loving the Lord more than everything. It takes forgiveness instead of bitterness. But it is worth it.

Cheers to you all. Hopefully I'll touch base with you soon.