Friday, December 12, 2008

A long day ends in the best way.

Yesterday I left our home at 6:30am and returned at 8:30pm. That qualifies as a long day in my book. My entire body ached when I got home so I decided to unwind with a warm shower. I was in bed at 9:30. But that's not where the evening ends. I started out with such good intentions of a full nights' rest.

There is one movie that never gets old to me - Pride and Prejudice. I have seen it so many times and each time I watch I wonder if I will get tired of it. But I never do. it can't be just any version. It must be the A&E version. It must be the 6 hour long version. It must have Colin Firth in it. It is simply the best, mainly because it is almost word-for-word directly from the book.

I have asked for this movie for years, and for this past birthday, I finally received it (along with 30+ hours of other romantic DVDs). If you are a female; if you have a spot in your heart for romantic love stories; and if you have never seen this movie - have a girl night and watch it. You are sure to love it!

What, you ask, does this have to do with last night? Since I have discovered my new watch-movies-in-bed machine, I decided that I would watch part of this movie to "wind-down" and fall asleep. I had put it on the previous night while I was cleaning, so I knew exactly where I would start the movie back up and it happened to be one of the best parts (Mr. Collins proposes to Elizabeth - hilarious).

Before I knew it Hubs was coming to be and it was 11:30! I peeled myself away from the movie and went to bed, but today I am tortured. All I want to do is finish the movie!


Anonymous said...

Sounds like the movie allowed you to relax in your own way! Joan : )

Amber said...

Oh my word....the A&E version is my favorite. I have probably seen it like 500 times. Mr. Collins totally cracks me up. One of my favorite parts is when kitty hides so she doesn't have to hang out with him...not that I have ever done that or anything =)

Laura said...

LOVE LOVE this movie! the A&E version is so much better than the new one. it's all in Colin Firth's dreamy eyes! i vote we watch this at a flock girl's night this winter!

The Feather Files said...

yes i know. I can't look away when Colin Firth is on the screen proposing to Elizabeth.

Laura Essendine said...

If you like this you'll LOVE North & South from the BBC. John Thornton is even better than Darcy's wet shirt. Watch it as soon as you can and I bet you'll rewind to watch the ending at least three times. Magic on TV

Laura Essendine
Author – The Accidental Guru
The Books Limited Blog

Jeanette said...

i'm up for a pride and prejudice girls night!!!! and maybe after that we could do another night of gone with the wind!!!