Monday, January 5, 2009

An ongoing saga

We own our two vehicles: our neon is 9 and our dakota is 8. Somewhere between the ages of 7 and 9, so we have learned, vehicles need extra care. You've heard about neon's life in this post, but as of the past 7 months, we have had an ongoing saga trying to keep them both healthy.

Hubs took Dakota in for a check-up. Dakota needed a new transfer case, new brakes, new rotors, and something else. Meanwhile, Neon starts making some serious noises and is leaking oil onto my foot. Neon's battery dies and Dakota needs a new battery.

Neon goes in for her check-up. She needs new brakes, a new car-lock motor, and some other things. She gets fixed and also gets 2 new tires.

Dakota gets fixed. The cars are running great. Then, Dakota starts smoking a few days later. Apparently the brakes locked up while driving.

Neon gets a flat tire on the interstate - tire is unable to be fixed. She gets another new tire. The cars are running great.

Dakota won't shift out of 2nd gear. He gets a fix to his transmission. It starts getting cold outside. Neon's heater isn't working.

Not only does the heater not work, but Neon's headlight burns out. She gets a new thermostat and a new heater. Dakota gets a crack in his windshield - the fixable kind. The cars are running great. Dakota goes in for an oil change and his battery is about to die - yes, the new battery that was just bought in July. Get a new battery.

Dakota's crack spreads horizontally across the entire windshield. Dakota gets a new windshield.

We are frustrated. We are sick of fixing our cars. But, we are thankful that we are having car problems and not health problems. We are holding our breath...hoping that are problems are just about over.


Melissa Marsh said...

Goodness! You have had a lot of trouble with the cars! Here's hoping they stay "healthy" for awhile. :-)

Jeanette said...

you get to a point where you this old car worth it? but you've put so much into it that it has to run well again for awhile right? right?
i can relate heather - cars and insurance , you can't stand them, but need them!!!!