Tuesday, January 21, 2014

The Big Day x2

Hubs graduated over a month ago. So, I totally missed the opportunity to tell you in detail about what a great weekend it was with our friends and Hubs' family. We ate great food (The Tavern) with friends, went shooting with family and had a fun time celebrating over all.
We introduced Hubs' parents to our enjoyment of target shooting, and I got my first dead on bullseye with my gun, plus I got a few with Richard's! 

At graduation. We are so bad about taking pictures these days that I am very thankful we made sure to get one! I wish you could see my full outfit, but it included a chunky gold pave link bracelet, gold belt and (my fave) gold peep toes. I debated for days about whether or not to go bare legs in the cold and I did. I'm glad. The dress wasn't as cute with tights.

Oh look! I found a photo of my shoes!

The valedictorian. 

The graduation was different than you might expect. It was a catered dinner with a program at the end. Each graduate goes up a says a little something before receiving their degree, mostly thanking people that helped them get to where they are today. Then they announce the valedictorian, which was Hubs. After so much hard work over the past 30 months, it was such a wonderful thing for him to be recognized for the accomplishment. I mean, being valedictorian of high school is cool. In college it is a bigger deal. And in graduate school it's so impressive. But to be in a group of 14 highly educated, proven intelligent individuals, is not easy. Each day, he put forth his very best and he was recognized for that. We have been overwhelmingly thankful for all of the people that have prayed for us, encouraged us and helped us through these years!

We had a great time saying good-bye to Hubs' classmates. He has seen those people almost every day for the past 2.5 years! It is a very sharp change in your day-to-day routine when graduation occurs. Most people were headed to their new state/country/practice within the week. And, in case you were wondering, we are still in St. Louis, working hard to determine what is next in our life.

Yesterday, Hubs had another big day. He turned 30! This is a crazy year because this year we are not only in our 30s, but this year will be the 10 year anniversary of when we met. It's unreal that we have known each other that long, and yet it is hard to remember life without each other. I think we say that about every milestone, but time continues to fly by and we are enjoying the ride.

As you know, I love birthdays and think that something special should be done. On a milestone birthday, it just means something more special should be done! If you remember, last year, we went indoor rock climbing and it was fun. This year, we went indoor karting and it was special because some friends came along with us!

No messing around with these karts. You have to wear helmets, and they about did me in. I felt so claustrophobic! 

See. They go fast!

We had never been indoor karting before, but these things can get to 45 mph and they are electric, so they don't smell! It was a lot of fun, although I was pretty intimidated by the other races who had obviously done this a lot. Most importantly, Richard enjoyed it and it was worthwhile. I ordered ribs from Jack Stack and they were amazing and we spent the evening with friends, which is exactly what Richard wanted to do for his birthday.

I completely disagree with those that say as you get older, birthdays don't mean as much. I mean, if you want it to be like that, fine for you. But in my book, we will be having a fun day no matter how old we are!

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Am I Ready?

Last Sunday, we were challenged to take some time before the new year and plan for our spiritual growth. It was a great sermon that asked a lot of questions, and since then, I have wanted to sit down and plan out my year. What will I study? What will I read? Is my theology ready for whatever comes in 2014? (Click here to watch to that sermon by Rick Holland.)

This morning, I finally sat down to think through the sermon and make a plan for spiritual growth this year. I started off by reading a sermon by J.C.Ryle, "Are You Ready?". It is a short little read (from which Rick Holland quotes frequently in his sermon) and it started me thinking soberly about the next 12 months. (Click here to read that sermon by J.C. Ryle.)

Never before have I really prepared for the year ahead, but I want to make sure I am ready for whatever happens. Not that the trials will be easier, the loss will be less or the growth will be exactly scaled at what I think it should. But that what I believe about God and his Word will be the solid foundation I need to be tossed against when both hard times and good things come.