Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Holding on.

It feels like yesterday was November 1st. How I completely skipped over the past 6 weeks, I have no idea. But here we are, 15 days until Christmas...only 21 days until 2009.

I've been holding on tightly to 2008. I want to savor these last days before 2009 changes our course completely.

2008 was great! Fun trips with my Hubs; great times with friends; good friendships built; growth in my life and relationships. We have become comfortable with our life, our jobs/school, our community. And there are still great times left in 2008. I can't wait to spend time with my family for 3 WHOLE DAYS! None of this quick weekend stuff.

No. I'm not dreading 2009 - I'm excited for it. It will include many fun trips - Atlanta, Hawaii, and one still to be determined. It will include a visit to my grandparents in Texas. It will include lots of changes in our life and adjustments that will surely cause us to grow and learn. (More on this after 2009 gets here).

When 2009 comes, I will be ready, excited, and will face it head on. But, I will live these last days of 2008 to the fullest - just living them without anticipating the future.

It won't be easy, the rest of the month will pass by quickly:
December 11: Messiah performance
December 13: Messiah performance
December 15: Flock Christmas Party
December 18: CRDTs Test for Hubs
December 19-21: Finish Christmas Shopping
December 22: Boards Test Day 1
December 23: Boards Test Day 2
December 24: Travel to Kansas
December 25-28th: Kansas
December 28: Clabaugh Christmas
December 31: New Year's Party!

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