Saturday, April 3, 2010

Two Years + One Day

(Hubs and I after finishing the Easter Sun Run 2010)

Two years and one day ago, I wrote my first blog post. It was about my goal to complete a 3K race with some friends. At that time the 1.8 miles was a big hurdle to overcome. Two years and one day later I have completed my first 10K race.

I have been blogging about our uninteresting life, telling stories, venting, and posting random stuff for two years in 491posts. It's fun. It's therapy. It's a hobby.

I looked back over some of the topics of my posts. I've posted about shoes, vacation, adventure, and Hubs. Life, dentistry, coffee and food have also been on the list. You've been there when I discovered watching DVDs on my laptop, when I thought Hubs was being killed outside our apartment, and when you found out what happens when 3 dentists get together. You've probably laughed when I woke up to my shoe on my pillow or when I wrote a letter to Kansas.

Then, I went back and looked at the posts that YOU really liked because you actually commented. You enjoyed spending 5 minutes in my brain and you were so sweet to congratulate me when my braces came off. I tricked you in the post about our news and you hopefully took my female advice in this post. Some of you were probably shocked when you found out Hubs has the better hair, or when I fainted with excitement, or when we woke up to a catastrophe, or even when Hubs found an intruder in our home. I found out what level of Husker Fan you are in this post.

I still love to blog, although it is not the addiction it once was. I still love to read other's blogs. I really still love to read comments on my blog, though over the last two years, I know your lives have changed, too.

Thank you for reading for these 2 years. Thank you for sharing your thoughts, your advice, and your excitement. I will keep blogging for the time being and I hope you'll keep reading. 


joan said...

Congratulations on finishing the 10K! Hope you enjoyed it even a little . . . .

Richard said...

Keep on bloggifying. You da bomb.