Saturday, April 24, 2010

Absolutely No Desire

There are a lot of wifely duties that I want to learn. There are a lot of things I would like to improve upon. I'd like to learn to cook well. I'd love to find ways to organize better and clean better. Eating healthy is up there on my priorities. And learning how to wisely spend our budget. Studying my Bible better and reaching out to women more. Oh, and decorating skills for our home. Planting flowers and vegetables and someday learning how to raise children. These are wifely skills that I really and truly have a desire to develop.

There is one skill, however, that I have never had a desire to cultivate, learn, develop, or honestly even watch.


I would rather put time and effort into anything besides sewing. I have friends that make wonderfully cute things with their sewing skills. But, I honestly have not the smallest inclination of trying it. Not. Even. A Button. Oh, and by sewing, I mean any type of crafty project using material, thread, needles, etc.

Really, I don't think I have the knack for crafty stuff anyways. I cannot visualize the final result. The closest I have EVER gotten to sewing was when I made a fleece blanket. I bought 2 pieces of fleece and tied the ends closed - walah!

So, when Hubs's suit coat needed a button re-sewn, I cringed. I have about 8 tiny spools of thread and a package of needles stored in a plastic grocery sack somewhere in my linen closet. I've sewn a few buttons on, but not with any instruction, rhyme, or reason. In our almost-4 years of marriage, Hubs has needed a button sewn on a pair of shorts...which I never did. He also wanted me to patch a hole in a pair of shorts...I never did that either.

I cannot neglect the suit-coat button, though. And I know it bugs Hubs that I have put it off for the past month. Honestly, I'd rather pay $5, even $10 for someone else to do it. But, since I have put it off this long, I must bite the bullet and learn.

I have a video from u-tube. I bought thread that matches the rest of the buttons. Wish me luck!

By the way, do any of you have one area of wife-dom that you don't have a desire to learn or improve upon?


Audrey said...

hmmm changing a tire... or the oil in a vehicle... touching a fish after catching it...are these wife-doms though?? oh WAIT, I know... hosting big dinners. I love getting together with people, what deters me is the food situation...

Lindsay said...

AMEN AUDREY! Seriously - the only thing that gets me through inviting people over is if I know they are laid back and won't mind grilled burgers, fries and chips. If it's anything "fancy," I'm out! :-) So I'd say that, as well as having to sit and watch sports, like the draft...or golf...or sheet-rocking (which I've done before but have NO desire to do again, btw....think 2 labs and a chewed up wall...

But honestly Heather - I had NO desire to craft/sew/whatever up until this past summer. Really! I swore (except I don't) that I didn't even have a creative bone in my body. Something happened when I turned 31 apparently. You just'll be knitting in a few years, too. :-) Hehe.

Until then - go ask Treva to sew your button. Make her pinkie promise not to tell hubs, either.

jnet said...

come on girl! you can do it!!!! i learned to sew...i made the girls dresses every easter (they may not have liked the style, but i made them.) Justin even got pants, shirt and vest one year when he was little. i made our stockings that hang from the fireplace. yet my own girls can't even sew a button on, so when their hubby's or kid's buttons fall off, it's mom to the rescue! it makes me feel needed :) but sewing on a button isn't that hard - just don't tell my girls or i'll loose my importance!!!