Thursday, August 28, 2008

Big Red Days are Here Again!

This Saturday marks the first Husker Football game. I love going to the games or watching them on TV. I love cheering for our team and I love screaming out the chants. I love the sea of red in Memorial Stadium and I love getting new paraphenalia to support our team. Husker football season in Nebraska is a one-of-a-kind experience. This could be our "last" football season in Nebraska, or it could be another of many more years.

There are some big time fans around here, and so I have come up with a Husker fan scale from 1-5.

Level 1 Fan: Live in Nebraska, therefore must be a Husker "fan."

Level 2 Fan: Cheer for the Huskers, have Husker clothes, but would rather take advantage of the near-empty mall.

Level 3 Fan: Enjoy watching the games, going to the games, & cheering loudly, but realize that there are times that they may have to miss the game. Instead, they catch the highlights on TV later.

Level 4 Fan: Tune into the pre-game show, watch or attend every game, cheer loudly, discuss the game with others for the next 2 days. Are not happy when they have to miss a game, but will catch the highlights at night, if necessary.

Level 5 Fan: Read every newspaper story for the 5 days leading up to the game, tune into the pre-game show, attend every game, cheer loudly, and discuss the game with others for the next 5 days (while preparing for next week's game). These fans know each player's number and what high school they came from. They arrange their entire weekend around the game day festivities.

I think I know people in each level and would classify myself as between a 3 and 4. What level of fan are you?


Laura said...

i'm a combo of 3, 4 and 5.
i realize i might have to miss a game but when possible i will rearrange my schedule to watch a game. and i wish i had tickets to every home game!
can't wait till saturday! GO BIG RED!

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

oooo good scale. Man you really thought this thru...hmmm I think I'm about a 3. But I may have to float my way down the scale now living so far away. This dang Eastern time and tv is all wierd and most of the time we don't even get the game anyways. LAME.

Can we all guess which one Ry is?? ha

Sam and Abby McNair said...

Sam is a 6. he he He checks Nebraska Rivals,, the journal star etc every day. Knows all their names, numbers, etcetcetc. Our fall is planned around husker football.:) I'm between a 2 or 3. I love it, but have kiddos so they rule the world.

Melissa Marsh said...

I'm a level 3. I've only been to one game and I LOVED it and definitely want to go back. Love watching it on the t.v. but if I miss it, no big deal.

Richard and Heather said...

Oh Abby, I forgot about knowing the players names and history. I added that to my description.

Anonymous said...

Heather- Well, when it comes to football I would rank at 1 or less. Football has never been of interest to me. Perhaps with the new "Pelini" era it will change my mind. : ) Joan

Emily Lovelace said...

heather! richard just told me about your blog! yay!! some day when i feel like i have much of an exciting life to blog about, i think i'll start one. i LOVED reading your husker "levels" your #5 is the exact description of my husband. i would agree with you that i'm a 3-4... hope you're having a good week! did richard ask you about sept. 12 yet??