Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A better fit, a tired feath, some female advice, and a trip

I like my new blog layout and, based on the poll, most of you do too. Since I began the blog, I wanted to find something the fit me. The problem was that I had no idea what that would be, what it would look like, or what I wanted.

But, I found this layout and immediately liked it. I knew it was meant to be when it only took 30 minutes to make it how I wanted it (as opposed to the 4 hours it took last time).


On a personal note, I'm worn out. For someone who usually has energy to share, it is frustrating. And this isn't just and, I'm tired feel. It's a completely body tiredness, from my brain to my very smallest toe. So, after getting a clean bill of health from my doctor, I have come up with other possible reasons for my fatigue:

Lack of time-management: This also includes that I have not yet purchased a 2009 planner and therefore all my social engagements (ha) are in my head and not written neatly somewhere that I can constantly look to see what is going on. We will fix that problem over lunch today.

Lack of hydration: I am so bad and drinking fluids, mainly water, during the day. This has also been a goal today. So far, I've drank 12 ounces.

Addiction to 24: Yes, we have been watching religiously the first season of 24. For those of you who have also watched this show, you know all about the late nights spent watching "1 more episode," the pull to watch it instead of cleaning, laundrying, and anything else that should take presidence of TV watching. So, maybe I am just a little out of whack on my sleep schedule.


Ladies, if you are ever asked this question, "Do we usually use the small or regular speculum on you?" ALWAYS answer small. Don't question what a speculum is, and don't say, "Whatever you think."

Enough said.


We are taking a trip this weekend so you won't hear much from me. More details when we return!


Melissa Marsh said...

Hahahaha on the female question! I don't think they ever have given me a choice!

I'm tired, too. I blogged about it today. We'll have to keep each other awake today.

Shanle's said...

SMALL, indeed! Try to enjoy yourself this weekend, Feather!! =)


Shanle's said...

SMALL, indeed! Try to enjoy yourself this weekend, Feather!! =)


Shanle's said...
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Shanle's said...

so sorry... i didn't mean to leave my comment twice! i got impatient with our computer... =)

Richard said...

Not a big fan of your layout. Go back to the black background with a different picture.

Sorry, didn't know how to soften that one.

The Feather Files said...

Hubs! You never read my blog and the time you finally do, you don't like my layout!

Haha, thanks for reading babe.

Audrey said...

I like this layout better than the last one!
speculum-metal,cold,painful, torture device

Ruth said...

I can't beleive you put that on your blog. Audrey they have plastic ones now and they can warm it too.

Jeanette said...

i'm going to avoid commenting on the other things...however, i can relate to "just one more episode"....maybe that this why you are tired :)
....are you dreaming 24 yet?