Wednesday, April 28, 2010


THIS is my free pound of bold coffee. Please tell me you participated in the bold-a-week deal at Starbucks! If not, you sure missed out. It was worth it for me, since I am at Starbucks at least once a week anyways. So, why not earn a free pound of coffee? My choice was this organic shade grown Mexican coffee. Can't wait to try it!

THIS is the fabric of the dress that Hubs bought for me. He left me was gone for 5 whole days and he brought me home a very cute dress and sweater. I know. He's awesome!

THIS is Pups, who is feeling much better. This is what he does when he thinks I have been neglecting him, he is bored, and he wants someone to play with him.

THESE are my new running shoes that I bought on sale at the same time that I bought...

THESE. My $110 shoes for which I only paid $10. Not only a fabulous deal, but also a super cute pair of shoes.

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Audrey said...

ooo good bargain hunting!!