Tuesday, April 20, 2010


Usually my pups is happy. He has more energy that we know what to do with. He loves to play, chew his bones, be outside, and he gets super excited when we come home.

Since Sunday, however, my pups has been sad. I came home from church to find not 1, but 2, piles of vomit. Ransom got out of his crate only to vomit 2 more times. When we came home from evening church, he had vomited, yup, 2 more times.

Something was wrong.

Since then, Pups has not eaten his food. Not one tiny morsel. Not even when I put peanut butter all over it.

Something was definitely wrong.

So, I called the vet this morning. They asked me to bring him in and leave him so that they could fit him in between other appointments (I don't think you can do that with actual children).

Now I totally told myself I would never be one of those parents that can't stand to leave their children, but after this episode,  I am second-guessing myself.

When Pups realized what was happening - that I was leaving - he flipped. He pulled and pulled trying to get away from them and come with me. He furiously moved his paws, scraping against the slick linoleum to follow me. I know if he could have spoken, he would have been yelling, "I'll eat! I'll eat! Just take me home and I promise I'll eat!"

But I left, with my heart wrenching. Only to come back 7 hours later and find out there is nothing. wrong. with. him. WHAT? I mean, I guess that is good news, but seriously? My Labrador retriever doesn't eat for 2 days and there is nothing wrong? This is the dog that ate batteries. An entire library book. And a wii condom. This is the dog who likes banana peels. And, gag me, poop at the dog park.

But we were sent home with a prescription diet and stomach pills.

We walk in the door. I head straight to the bathroom. When I emerge, this is what I see:

Somebody likes my spearmint plant. He lifted it by its leaves out of its pot and began eating it.

PS - He still won't eat his food.


joan said...

Poor baby. Does he drink his water?

Lindsay said...

Nope - I think it's frowned upon if you leave your kids at the doctor. But I suppose if you left them in the waiting room nobody would even notice.

Poor thing. Sick doggies are sad - ESPECIALLY when they don't eat and usually eat like ravenous wolves.

Hope he feels better soon!

Audrey said...

hmm I thought the site of plant meant he was punishing you for leaving him. :) Maybe he wanted to get rid of his vomit/poop breath... Just wait till they wheel your baby boy off for his circumcision in the hospital...
either way, I'm sorry for dogmotherly concerns :)

Anonymous said...

Hi from Findley Lake Heather, a freind of mine had a similer prob with her dog. she was told it would be 5 days till the vet could see him. well she runs a health food store and her mom said why not give him some acidophilus. she called the vet and he said it would be fine to. lol a couple days and LOTS of gas later he was fine and eating agin.