Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Oh my!

I didn't post about our weekend at all. It is much easier to have you check out Steph and her Boys for the pictures. I only stole one (thanks Steph) for my page.

Have you ever wondered what happens when three dentist's get together? Steph, Marth and I observed this Friday night:

Maybe if we all got together more frequently, the tooth-talk wouldn't last so late...I didn't mind too much. It was great to hang out with such great friends.


Anonymous said...

Heather- Watch out if Richard says he is bringing home films to see! Have clarification . . . : )

How wonderful to have such great friends.

Love- Joan

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

hahahahaa ahahahahaaa ahahahah

Stephandherboys said...

Seriously, who knew 3 dentists could chatter from 8-1 all about teeth?? Poor Tyler had to sit thru a few hours of it as the only non-dentist. At least us girls had each other =)