Sunday, March 29, 2009

Faint with Excitement?

Professionals Day is an annual event at the dental college. There are awards. There is a lecture. And, this year, we were invited to the luncheon. Seniors are especially recognized on this day, and for that reason, I took the afternoon off.

Hubs was 1 of 3 finalists for the Practice Management Award, which included a cash prize. So, this was pretty exciting stuff.

After the luncheon, we headed down for the lecture part of the afternoon. We were seated about half-way from the front and we were going through the program to see if Hubs won any cool awards. I counted his name 8 times besides various awards!

We decide it was a great picture opportunity, and pictures always make good blog posts.

So, here we are before the lecture. Yes, that is my new cute scarf! Thanks for noticing!

We both look healthy in that picture, right? Nothing out of the ordinary? About five minutes later this is how I looked...

In the midst of a sentence, the room spun around me and my vision narrowed. I fell on Hubs and passed out almost passed out. Hubs was quick enough to lay me on the filthy ground and put my feet in the air. The room continued to spin for a while. When I finally opened my eyes, I could see people trying to find their seats and became very aware that I was laying on the floor for all to see.

So, like any normal person who almost fainted, I get up and sit down on my seat only to realize that I still feel pretty funny. Hubs suggests that he carry me out of the room. As valiant as that sounded, I was not interested in drawing even more attention to myself and insist, as a clear-headed individual, that I can walk.

Well, as expected, that lasted about 10 steps and I started dropping again, so Hubs ended up carrying me to a chair outside the lecture room where he was joined by our friend, Dr. Howe, and I ended up doing this:

It was determined that I could have been hyper-ventilating. Then, I got myself so worked up over the fact that I was in the midst of hundreds of people while lying on the ground and being carried out of the room, that I began having some crazy shudders in my arm. It was like I was shivering, but I couldn't stop them and I was not cold at all. Hubs rubbed my back and arms and held my hand. He was a great comfort.

About 20 minutes later, I felt fine and was able to attend the awards ceremony. Unfortunately, We all missed the lecture, which I believe everyone ended up thanking me for. It was fun to see Hubs get recognized for his achievements and I felt completely normal for the rest of the day.

And, Hubs DID win the Practice Management award! So, to prove that I was indeed up and moving around after the ceremony, we took another picture. Because, as you know, pictures make for better blog posts.

Congrats Hubs, for all your hard work has paid off. And, thanks Hubs, for taking such good care of me.


Audrey said...

you're not... expecting are you? ;)
that picture of you with your legs up and washcloth reminded of the first and only I ever gave blood...
too much adrenaline flowing for you maybe??

Audrey said...

ps WHO thought to take pictures of all this??

Audrey said...

ok I have leave one more since I forgot to check the box to email me with follow up comments

The Feather Files said...

I didn't know there was a box that you could check to email the follow-up comments! Good to know!

No, not expecting, but that was the number one question on everyone's mind.

It was mentioned that I was fainting because of all the excitement, but it was so strange because I didn't even feel it coming on. It just happened.

Richard thought it would be a good idea to take the pictures. It would make the blog post better!

jnet said...

kudos to richard for taking care of you AND for taking pictures for your blog. He must really love you :)
You both look great!!!!

Steph said...

So glad you were able to document such a fun afternoon!!!

Shanle's said...

i can't believe you fainted, heather bell! i'm glad you are okay... how have you been? shoot me an email soon, okay? we moved into our duplex, so i've been very busy getting things together. i'll write you soon!


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