Thursday, April 15, 2010

Happy Tax Day

(Yes, I am aware of the horrible quality of photo.)

At 9pm on April 14, Hubs and I began completing our federal income taxes. They just needed a few adjustments and our taxes were filed by 10pm.

By 12:05am on April 15, Hubs and I filed our Nebraska taxes - that was after spending 1.5 hours attempting to figure out the forms on our own, only to get back on Turbo Tax and pay double the normal cost to file them online. (Yes, I am aware that you can file your NE taxes online for free, however that is only for full year residents.)

By 12:45 am on April 15, Hubs and I had completed our Kansas taxes, by hand, and came up with the same amount as Turbo Tax. They will be mailed today. The form from Kansas was much more understandable. Nebraska's form's wording was vague and confusing on the part where you adjust because of income earned in another state.

Never have I waited to do my taxes on the night before. Really, we usually have them done in February. Never will I wait to do them the night before again. And if I could convince Hubs, never would I do our taxes again.

The result of our income taxes is completely different than I was expecting, but we have confidence are pretty sure that we did them correctly. Since this has consumed our life for the week, I am ready to drop them in the mail and be done.


In other stuff, Ransom has been trying to play the system. Every time we leave, he goes to his kennel and gets a treat. Lately, he has been going and just standing in his kennel for no reason - we aren't leaving, sometimes we are even just sitting on the couch. He goes in there, stands for minutes and stares at his treat box. I guess he figures that is a sure way to get a snack. WRONG! Of course, I don't reward him for not doing anything. But it is quite funny to see how his mind is conditioned.

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