Tuesday, October 20, 2009


"You'll never believe what happened while you were gone."

Hubs said this when I came home this evening. He then said, "Never mind. I can't tell you." Which, I am not sure about you other women out there, but that is a statement that triggers something inside my brain to beg to know what happened.

"What did Ransom do?" I asked.

"Nothing. If you knew what it was, you wouldn't want to live here."

"Was it a mouse?" I asked.

"It was not a mouse."

"A snake?" I asked.

Hubs heard something while I was gone...like a rustling. He went to the living room to investigate and right there next to the TV was a snake! Okay, it wasn't a giant one, but it was in our house!

Hubs was impressed with my guessing skills; but I am more concerned about this snake thing. First of all, how does a snake get inside one's house? And then, please tell me how one sleeps at night knowing a snake was in one's house and other snakes could be in the same house?


joan said...

Oh MY! I am hoping he didn't have the opportunity to tell his fiends and family about your cozy abode!

joan said...

Oooops didn't have my glasses on - I meant friends : )

joan said...

Oooops didn't have my glasses on - I meant friends : )

Shanle's said...

Yuck. And I'm scared that I'm going to find a tarantula in Brode Bear's crib! Thank goodness we've only seen them outside (or in the garage). Oh, yuck.


Anonymous said...

At least snakes eat mice. It's a twofer! :) Sliding glass doors, windows and small areas along the foundation are prime intruder target entry places. Its probably warmer in your house than outside and its prime "i'm looking for winter hibernation" time. So put on a lot of coats, mittens, and boots and turn the thermostat waaaay down. :)Mrs Young

Josh and Erin said...

oh sick. I'm with you. I would have to medically induce sleep. And I'm not even sure that would work. My snake paranoia is so bad that I can barely keep my eyes shut in the shower. Isn't that terrible?!

jnet said...

so how did richard get rid of it....or was it ransom?