Thursday, April 8, 2010


Every once in a while I just have to have one of these posts. Every once in a while, or maybe even everyday, I just need to brag about my Hubs.

Lately, I've scheduled Hubs and I solid. We've had little time to stay at home and relax. We've had an even smaller amount of time hanging out with each other. And, as I look at our calendar for the next month...I see that it does get better, but not exactly free.

So, I want to tell Hubs that I love him, and here is why:

1. I love you because you take care of me and you work hard to do so. You love what you do and you strive to do it as best you can.

2. I love you because you deal with me. You come and fix it when I cry for some crazy absolutely no reason and you grin-and-bear it when I have neglected the laundry, or cleaning the shower, or fill-in-the-blank.

3. I love you because you strive to learn about God and you want me to do the same. You go to the Bible for the authority on life and I. Love. That. Not only do you want to learn about God, but you love God. What else could I really ask for?

4. I love you because you don't see your future without me. Seriously, you can't imagine living life without me and that one thing makes me feel completely cherished.

5. I love you when you are goofy - seriously, he is. When we are having fun together, I can hardly think of anything else but you. My favorite times together are when we are doing stuff together - whether going to Lowe's or working out.

6. I love that you push me. Coming around that final corner of that race on Saturday and seeing you there to cheer me on was EXACTLY what I needed. Knowing that you are proud of me and having you by my side cheering me on is amazing.

So, when you are in Orlando or I am in Kansas City; when you are at work and I am at home, remember these things. Because they are just itty bitty snippets of how much I love you.


Steph said...! so sweet. what a guy. i miss you guys!!

Richard said...

I love you, too. You make me sound much better than I am, though.

Leah said...

AHHHHH SO CUTE! :) Heather, been thinking about you lately so I checked the blog to see whats up! Sounds like you both are doing great! email me sometime :)

Nikki 'Trexel' Moore said...

What a great idea...bragging up the hubby! I might have to steal it sometime.

...The idea, not the hubby.

Anyways, it's good to hear wives who are happy and content and grateful. Thanks for the good example.