Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The First Post

This is the awkward first post on my blog. I have wanted one for a while, but just been timid to actually start it. I have a lot happen in this head of mine and Richard tells me that I communicate best when writing. So therefore, I have a blog. Who cares if anyone reads it; as long as it is out of my head!

Running. For the past 4 out of the 5 days I have been running. And it is REAL running. Not jogging at the same pace I could walk, but pushing myself to go harder. My goal is to someday enjoy it, even a eensy weensy bit. I will let you know when that actually happens, but for now I am exausted. Here is how my typical work out goes:

1 hour before workout: "Oh, I can't wait to go on a run. I am going to run without stopping this time."
30 min before workout: "Alright, the goal is to not stop, no matter what. No stopping."
15 min before workout: "Let's just get this over with. Why do my legs have to be so white?"
During workout: "I hate this. I have to stop. It hurts. Just a little bit longer. You can do it Heather! No I can't. I have to stop."
Post workout: "Man, I wish I would have worked out harder. I feel great!"

I lack the "drive" that my husband does and I hope to someday have at least half of his motivation. So, my conclusion after reading articles and taking advice from avid runners is that it is different for everyone. Some people can go out and run 2 miles, even after months of no running. For those of us who feel like dying with every other step and need a break every 4 minutes, it will take us a little longer to get there. The key is that we all CAN to get that spot if we want to badly enough. And, I do. So, I am starting this journey of learning to enjoy running by pushing myself each day, going at it with a positive attitude, and doing what works for me. My goal is to make Richard proud in about 8 weeks when I will attempt to run a short race in a decent amount of time.


Laura said...

yay! a blog for heather! :) your running is very inspiring. keep with it!

Anonymous said...


your workouts sound like mine. i have about 4.5 weeks before I can technically start running and 1.5 before I can start doing some long walks. we'll have to push each other.
happy sunday