Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Back in the swing, my dentist, & santa

After having a 2-day work week, followed by a 2.5-day work week, coming back and working a full 5-day week takes some readjusting.

First, I had to put on dress clothes after 2 full weeks of lounging. I admit that I couldn't do it on Monday - I cheated and wore jeans. But the last two days, I forced myself into the slacks and skirt and was ready to rip them off by 10am 2pm.

Second, adjusting to waking up early after getting my body used to sleeping in until 7:30am. The first morning, I didn't even consciously realize the alarm had been going off for an hour before finally hearing it and getting out of bed. The second morning, I used a different alarm in conjunction with the normal alarm. That worked a little better. This morning, I missed them both and stood in the bathroom for 5 minutes wishing I could jump back and sleep some more.

Third, our evening schedule needs some work, especially this week. Hubs doesn't have to study anymore so we have lots of free time. Add that with our usual Monday & Tuesday night committments were cancelled leaves Hubs and Feath with too much time and nothing to do.


Before getting my braces off, Hubs and I made a bet. He said I would have at least 1 cavity, most likely 2. I said I wouldn't have any.

Monday afternoon, Hubs didn't have a patient schedule so I went in for some x-rays - both secretly hoping that I would have a cavity that he could use for his upcoming boards. As he is putting the 50 pound blanket over me which is supposed to protect me from the radiation, we both end up giggling and laughing and cannot stop. Hubs is trying to tell himself to be professional, which makes us laugh even more. I bet you don't have this much fun with your dentist!

He develops the film and....I won! No cavities. Now, if I could just remember what the stakes of our bet were.


And, some fun pictures of a Christmas game we played (thanks to J'net for the pictures):

Good thing I wore a red shirt!

I was pretty excited about my sack of toys.

My designers.

My competition.


Melissa Marsh said...

Hahahaha - I love those pictures! Very cute.

And yeah, I don't have that much fun at my dentist, but I might not dread my appointments so much if I did!

Shanle's said...

mom showed me those santa pics... very creative! loved the sack and reindeer!! =)

shoot! we needed richard to check OUR teeth over break. maybe he can practice on us during spring. i can imagine the laughter you two were sharing. those are the best kinds of laughs, aren't they? =)


Jeanette said...

can't say i've laughed in the dentist chair either...she usually is showing me on camera what work she is doing.....yuck! i don't want to see it - i'm glad there a people like richard who enjoy that!!!!

Bianca said...

Yeah, I actually have less fun when I'm at the dental office because my dentist is very serious. Maybe I'll crack some jokes next time - let's see if that cracks his seriousness too. You really have a good sense of humor. Thanks for sharing it!

Bianca Jackson