Tuesday, January 13, 2009

What I want to do and what I will do

I wanted to be at a coffee shop all day today. Sitting in one of those oversized comfy chairs, far away from the entrance so I wouldn't feel one bit of the cold air. I wanted to bring some books along, and my computer. I wanted to sip on coffee and tea, while reading, writing, and catching up on my fellow bloggers; with my ipod playing some of my favorite music. I wanted to relax and waste the day away in one of my favorite settings.

Instead, I went to work and wasted time thinking about what I would rather be doing.

I want to go home tonight and change into my comfies. I want to slowly make supper while hearing Hubs tell me about his day. I want to finish the laundry and clean the kitchen. I want to hang out at home tonight, protected from the cold, and hang with Hubs.

But, I will adjust my thoughts on the way home so that I can quickly change into comfier clothes (but not total comfies), make supper and make the kitchen bareable before braving the coldness to be at my committed obligation for the majority of the night. The laundry isn't going anywhere; and the kitchen will not disappear.


Shanle's said...

Hopefully you can go home tomorrow night, put on your comfies, eat your favorite ice cream out of the container, and watch a favorite movie. Hmm... sounds good to me.


Leah Pobanz said...

Hey! Long time no see! Lunch sometime????