Thursday, January 29, 2009

A lunch to remember

Over my lunch break, I went to see my friend Abby. She, and her family, is moving to western Nebraska on Saturday. It hasn't sunk in yet, but it will. Once we go to flock on Monday night and miss the sounds of their 3 girls playing while we study. Once I need to have lunch with my friend, and can't drive that far. Once I need a little girl to give me a great big hug and there are none around. I'm going to miss Abby and the way she challenges me to please the Lord with my life. She has been good at challenging me to reach out to other people, just as she does.

Not only did I get to visit with Abby and hear about where they will be living, but I also got to help her out a tiny bit. I was packing up some breakable items and her two oldest girls came in to help. We had such a fun time wrapping up items in newspaper and then putting them in the box. These girls make me smile and laugh so much.

I will miss these friends very much; but, this lunch with be one I remember for a while.

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