Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Open to the world

Since the day we got married, Hubs is always telling me to shut the blinds before I change clothes. I never bother with it, but he insists that people can see inside our 3rd floor apartment. I love having all the windows open at all times of the day, so it seems pointless to close blinds for the 2 minutes that it takes to change just so I can open them back up.

Hubs went back to school yesterday. One of the resident doctors lives in our building and came up to him:

Dr: Hey Richard!
Hubs: Hey Dr. How was your Christmas?
Dr: It was great. Hey, uh, did you happen to get a wii for Christmas?
Hubs: Yeah - uh, wait. Oh no, did you see me playing it?
Dr: Yeah, one night we came home and looked up and saw you going at it.

We had joked that this would happen, but didn't really think someone we knew would see us!

I guess Hubs's point is proven. People CAN see into our apartment.


Melissa Marsh said...

I guess I better start closing the blinds on my third floor apartment, too! ;-)

Shanle's said...

Uh... I'd close the blinds or change somewhere else if you don't want a peeping Tom, Heather!! =)


Anonymous said...

Ooooops . . . Point well taken. Close the blinds . . .

Love - Joan

Audrey said...

ha ha ha that's funny :)