Tuesday, January 20, 2009

A monumental day

Today, we are celebrating!

I watched President Obama (that sounds kinda odd) get sworn in today. I love all the ceremony and pomp and circumstance and that is mainly why I watched it. I actually wish I could have seen more. Although I don't agree with a lot of President Obama's opinions, he is the leader of our county now and I respect him for that. I used to think it would be so great to be the First Lady. After this past year, however, I would not want my hubs to have that job in a million years! But, President Obama's inauguration is NOT our reason for celebrating....

Hubs is 25 today! And, THAT is my reason for celebrating!

Happy Birthday Hubs! I love you. I'm so happy that you are relaxing this semester after a long 3.5 years of studying. Its been fun to just hang out with you all the time, now. Your hard work paid off (he's passed ALL his board exams so far) and I'm so excited for the next year of your our life!

Hubs and I share a very cool bond with his grandparents. I was born on his grandma's 60th birthday and Hubs was born on his grandpa's 60th birthday. We have termed the relationship, "Birthday Buddies," and as much as it has come to mean to me, it means so much more to Hubs because he has never know anything other than sharing his birthday with his grandfather.

As much as today is a celebration, it is also the first time celebrating without his birthday buddy. And today, we especially miss him.


Steph said...

Happy bday, Richard!! Thinking of you lots today!!! xoxo

Richard said...

Dang, I miss him. Seeing this makes me think, "If I'd known then how long we had together, I'd have..." I wonder if you can ever be left behind without those kinds of thoughts.

Jeanette said...

hmmm...a late shout out to richard, from my experience, you never forget, question, wonder "if only"....yet as time passes the sweet memories come more and you thank the Lord, sometimes still through tears, for allowing that relationship of love in your life.