Thursday, January 22, 2009

Today is a great day.

The little things can sometimes make the day great. Things like:

Waking up without a headache for the first time in who knows how long.

Waking up feeling rested.

Seeing that Hubs not only read, but left comments(!) on my blog.

Getting off of work at 11:30am.

Going on a road trip with Hubs.

Looking forward to an ice cream shake from Bogey's tonight.


Anonymous said...

Heather: So glad to hear that you woke rested and without a headache (that I do understand). Hope you and Richard have a great trip and RELAX a little.
Love- Joan

Laura said...

i feel like a bad friend for not keeping up... how was the dr? where are u road tripping to? missed you on tuesday!
and i think your blog could use some more spice but i do like the simple color. sorry richard, but the black is boring!

millhouse said...

I know you are a dog lover. This was a good article, but sad...