Wednesday, January 28, 2009

A blonde moment

Hubs said I should keep these stories to myself, but I like to make people laugh and it just so happens that my actions sometimes provide humorous stories.

I decided to work out over lunch. I was super excited to go upstairs (where the workout room is), turn up my ipod shuffle, and read a little of my book all while gettin in some great exercise. Usually, I turn my shuffle on and the tunes immediately start playing. This time, there was no music. I tried turning the volume up. I tried skipping to the next song or going back to the previous song - nothing.

So, my workout was not near as enjoyable in the silence, and I afterwards I headed down to research what was wrong online. The battery was fully charged. The earphones were completely plugged in. Then, I read the important information: ipod Shuffle might be paused, try pushing play.

The Shuffle has a total of 5 buttons on it, and the play button is the biggest. It should be the most obvious button to push when music isn't playing. It is also the ONLY button I did not push during my 30 minute workout.


Audrey said...

Hey! I meant to type matthew 6 :25-34 in my yesterday's comment on my blog... oops

Laura said...

lol! blonde moments are the best! you and my sister should definitely compare notes - she has some great ones. and we don't let her forget it! :)

Jeanette said...

that's funny! i wondered if you spent your whole lunch break trying to figure out the ipod and didn't get the work-out in. You made the right choice!