Friday, October 31, 2008

It's a BIG day!

Hubs is, at this very moment, taking his manikin (or mannequin) board exams. This is the first of 3 rounds of testing this year for him to become a dentist. Today he will do a crown and a root canal. This is a big day for him, so I will be praying all day as he takes the exam.

Call me a pumpkin, witch, ghoul, or ghost. I am a quarter of a century old today (25)!

Birthdays are so fun. It is the one day a year that I don't feel guilty about splurging and having a day "all about me." So far, I have had a latte, a piece of homemade pumpkin cheesecake, and a lemon cupcake in the shape of a rose! Plus, I got this super-awesome giant High School Musical birthday card from my favorite people at work!

Often, I get asked whether I like having Halloween on my birthday. When I was younger, it posed some difficulties in that my friends wanted to trick or treat instead of celebrate my birthday. Or, I always had to bring my birthday treats a day before or a day after Halloween because there was already a Halloween party.

But now, I could not imagine having my birthday on a different day. I remember one year that my dad sent me flowers at school. It was the best arrangement with the flowers sitting in a pumpkin. Sticks came out of the arrangement and fake cobwebs hung around the sticks. Now tell me whom else, besides a Halloween Birthday girl, can get that sort of cool arrangement for her birthday?

Ten reasons I love having a Halloween Birthday.
1. Stores start decorating for my birthday in September!
2. Lots of people celebrate on my birthday!
3. It's so cool to say, "Yeah, my birthday is on Halloween."
4. Fall/Halloween decorations are cool.
5. People can remember my birthday really easily.
6. I get cool Halloween Birthday cards.
7. October is the best month of the year.
8. It's a great time to eat chili and caramel apples.
9. It's the perfect holiday for a birthday. Let's face it - Halloween without my birthday, just wouldn't be fun!
10. I get to share my birthday with my grandma-in-law!


Melissa Marsh said...

Happy birthday!

Leslie said...

Happy Birthday Heather!!! You are right, I'll never forget your birthday now!!

Shanle's said...

Happy 25, Heath! Enjoy yourself and continue to splurge!! =)


Audrey said...

Happy one day late birthday! I DID think of you yesterday, just didn't get to wishing happy bday till today! Hope it was a great one!

Lindsay said...

Happy Belated Birthday! It's pretty neat that it's actually ON Halloween! Can't wait to see what you did!

ARC said...

How did that root canal go?