Monday, October 27, 2008

I forgot my camera

So many things to take pictures of and I left my camera at home.

1) My laundry room is clean. I did not plan to clean my it last night. It is usually disorganized and messy, but since I am usually the only person who uses it, it is the last thing on my list to clean. Last night, I went to unload the dryer. I thought it was odd that the floor was wet, but proceeded to unload anyways. Then, I realized that all the dirty clothes on the floor awaiting their turn for the washing machine were completely soaked. Not tonight. I don't have the energy for this. Sure enough, water is coming from the washing machine. All the hoses are tight. The drain is not clogged. It's a mystery. Well, the machine finishes spinning and it sounds like water is still pouring into the washing machine. Sure enough, the machine is off but water keeps on pouring in. I'm calling the repair man today.

So, I lay out all the soaked clothes throughout the apartment and stay up drying clothes late. I can't wait to see the water and electricity bill.

2) We finally have a jam-packed week again! I wish you could see our calendar!

3) The Husker game was a fun birthday present. It was a perfect day: clear skies, 63 degrees, light breeze, and we won!

4) We had 49 mph wind gusts yesterday. Laura, her mom, and I still went out for our 5K race. Let me tell ya, this is my kinda race. Girls on the Run of Nebraska is an organization/club to get young girls active. They sponsor a fun 5K 2 times each year. They don't keep track of your times; every body's number is "1;" it is just to get people out and active.

I didn't "train" for this run, because I just wanted to get out there and have fun. There were moments when I felt like I was running in place (against the wind), so I cannot imagine how hard it was for the girls half my size! Still, we finished and, I think, were happy with how we did, especially considering the circumstances. Laura's mom beat her last time by 1.5 minutes and I came in at 27:05. I think the best feeling is afterwards. I felt like I had accomplished something good and even this morning I just feel good. It's hard to explain.

By the way, Hubs did come and I am so glad he did! It was great to look for him to cheer me on. Also, all the encouragement along the way from the entire crowd helped so much to keep us going in the windy, cold weather.


Anonymous said...

so sorry about the washing machine : (
Good to see you two yesterday!
Love- Joan

SS said...

Thanks for letting me know about this run, one I will never forget -I think - it was one windy day! I totally agree that the crowd is a factor, even if you don't know anybody, it is very encouraging to have people cheer you on to the finish. Laura's mom