Monday, October 13, 2008

A Rough Road

Friday night I drove to Kansas City to see my family and to attend an Elizabeth George conference (another post).

About 15 minutes from their house, I thought, Wow! I am making great time! I will be there before 9pm. Seconds later, I heard the most horrible sound. I thought, What in the world? and then realizing it was coming from my car, I did the first thing that came to my mind. I pushed the brakes. I was in one of the middle lanes (of 4) going 70mph and the cars around me weren't thrilled with my instintive reaction, so I put my hazards on and safely drove the car to the side of the road and turned her off.

I was pretty sure the horrible noise was a flat tire, but I jumped out to check anyway. I called my mom and soon after, my dad and grandpa were on their way. I described where I was (there were no mile markers or signs ahead of me) and my mom comfortingly says, "You are in one of the worst areas of Kansas City, so I am going to stay on the phone with you."

About 20 minutes later Dad and Gpa arrive ready to change my tire. I became the flashlight holder and only knocked my poor father in the head once! Soon, my donut was on and we were ready to go.

I had noticed that my lights had progressively gotten dimmer while I was waiting for help to arrive. I also thought it strange that I couldn't unlock my doors with my key chain. We get in the car, turn the key and nothing happens. Nobody has ever informed me that I should leave my car running while I have my hazard lights on because they drain the battery! So out come the jumper cables. Soon, we were again back in the car, ready to go, and this time we made it home safely!

Let me sum up the next day for you in a few key points:

As I am leaving for the conference, I can't figure out where the keys are, how to put the garage door down, and forget my Bible...all while trying to call Hubs back and end up being 20 minutes late for my booktable duties. Oh yeah...forgot to eat breakfast in the mad dash to the conference and become shaky and unable to concentrate on anything. Good news: I found Krispy Kreme donuts in an upstairs room.

During the first break, dad decides to take the car to get fixed while I work the booktable. Of course the tire is not fixable as it has a large gash in side of it (see below). He needs to talk to hubs about the road hazard warranty. Meanwhile, mom is calling my name because she needs my help at the booktable. Good news: I teach mom how to use the credit card machine.

What in the world did I hit?

I leave the conference to go with dad out to one of the only stores in town that sells used tires that will get me back home so that I can use the road hazard warranty. Dad gets grease on his new pants, uses my Tide pen to try to clean them, ends up discoloring the pants. We are so happy right now. Good news: The store has a used tire that will work!

We make it back to the conference and I return to my booktable duties. I make it home safely and all is well. Never a dull moment with me!


Anonymous said...

Heather - You are safe that is the most important thing! : ) What an adventure.
Love - Joan

j'net said...

whoa! maybe gone with the wind would have been better :) glad you made it home safely!

Shanle's said...

oh my goodness, heather bell. i'm SO glad you are safe and sound. i've had car trouble before, but luckily i've been with my hubby... not alone on the side of a darkened road... in KC no doubt! God was with you!