Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Vanity of Vanities

I have reached that point in the season that I have the irrestistible desire to shop. It happens every season and usually in the same process.

It really is my fault. It begins with a look online to see where I could get a item of clothing (this time a pair of khaki pants). As I look, I see other clothes. Then, I think Those pants are cute, or That sweater looks so soft. I continue to feed the desire by looking all the other clothes online, thinking that I may need some other items. That leads into My current clothes don't fit like that! And finally, I don't have any jeans. or I don't have anything to wear this fall. I need to go shopping. The worst part is that I suddenly dislike all most of the clothes in my closet and my mind is consumed with what I don't have and why I can't dress like the people on my screen.

Side note: It doesn't help that I somehow got added to joined every mailing list possible to get coupons and birthday rewards. Those marketing people sure know what they are doing!

And so, the idea pops into my head that I could go to the mall over lunch and pick up a few "things" or at least look around. Nevermind that Hubs may need to use the clothes budget this month. Nevermind that my birthday is in 16 days. Nevermind that the clothes online fit the models perfectly and when I actually do go shopping I will get so frustrated because nothing will look the same!

After all of these head spinning thoughts and waste of brain power, for the rest of the day I will correct my thoughts: It's great that I have nice clothes to cover me and keep me warm. Thank you Lord for providing for me and making me as I am.

I don't think it is wrong to want new things and buy new things. But my mindset changed from the beginning of my search to seek out an item that I need, to wishing I could look and dress like other people.

So, I am going to sit outside and read a book over lunch-less stress, less sweating, more enjoyable. I will still go to the mall this weekend, but I will be searching for clothes that fit me and my personality. Not wishing I was someone different.

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