Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Running is Fun? No way!

For the very first time in history, I had an enjoyable, yes even fun, run!

As of April 2008 I disliked despised running. I felt like I was going to die with every other step, my chest hurt, it was boring, my short legs weren't made for it, and I never ever kept at it. And pushing myself beyond the 10 minute per mile pace...no way was that happening. I thought it was a hopeless cause, and set out to "show" my hubs just that. I started off downright slow, but it was amazing to me at how fast I could decrease my time after I just kept at it. Friends and I set a goal to complete a 3k race in June and we did just that!

Instead of proving I couldn't do it, I found that it isn't all bad. And even though I had run for 5 months consistently pretty regularly, I still did not consider it enjoyable until a few days ago. I went out for a run last week. It was 65 degrees so I wore shorts and a long sleeve t-shirt. I ran along a street with quite a few hills, but it is scenic so I prefer it. It was breezy and leaves were falling from the trees all around me. I would hear the leave rustling under my feet. It was the perfect fall day and I had fun running! Imagine that coming from the girl who has hated running all her life!

I am running in a non-competitive race this weekend and am already getting sick to my stomach just thinking about it. It is about now that I don't remember why I sign up for these things. Last time, I was sick during the entire run, so I have decided to prepare myself this time:

1. I am telling myself it is just another workout with hundreds of other people around. So, it should be more fun, right????
2. I am not running competitively and I have no desire to. It is just for fun, with some friends, and for the free t-shirt.
3. Hubs is not going to come. Knowing he is watching makes me even more nervous.
4. Sorry, no pictures. You will not get a documented account of this because it is just a normal, everyday workout!
5. Any other suggestions?

Now that running can be fun, I need races to be fun!


Anonymous said...

Heather: What race is this? I think is great that you are even going to run I will pray for nicer weather! If doing things I would rather not be doing I sing and I pray. Have fun.

Love- Joan

jnet said...

...so i shouldn't come and bring my camera? :)

The Feather Files said...

J'net, you can come take pictures of us at Holmes Lake anytime...just not when I'm running :)

Anonymous said...

Heather this is Jake and Elena... We love your blog its so sweet how you do this and your so good at it... Its a little hard to figure out how this all works but i think i got it. I cant find any pictures, dont you just have a bunch posted or can you not do that?????