Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Um, yeah, you just called me...

You see that you missed a call on your cell phone. The number is not one that you recognize and the caller did not leave a voicemail. You:

a) quickly call the number back to see who called..
b) figure the caller would have left a voicemail (or will call back) if he/she was trying to contact you. You also realize it may have been a wrong number, so don't worry too much about it

Which one are you?

I answer the company at phone at work. We don't get many calls because most employees have a direct line. This morning, I would say I have answered the phone maybe 6 times in the past 2.5 hours. Three times it was a recorded sales call. One time it was an actual client call. And, 2 times I heard this, "Um, yeah, you just called me."

Me: Actually, this is a multi-line phone and I didn't just call. Do you know anyone that works here.
Caller: Uh, what company is this?
Me: ********* **********
Caller: I don't think so, unless Joe Schmoe works there.
Me: Nope, sorry.
Caller: Well, I guess they'll call back...
Me: Yeah, sorry. Bye.

I receive calls such as this all the time. Sometimes I am patient and kind, but sometimes I am annoyed and frustrated.

What erks me the most is the rude way in which they announce that I called them, as if it is a crime for an unknown number to appear on their caller-id. You wouldn't believe it, but some people get very upset that I cannot tell them who might have called. I wonder if it just eats at them all day long.

So, if you are one of those people that just has to know exactly who and why a person called your phone, keep these things in mind (for the sanity of all phone-answers out there):
1. there are nice ways to phrase the question. Be friendly and inquiring-not rude and demanding.
2. it may have been a wrong number. Be prepared to explain that you were just making sure it wasn't something else.
3. the person who answers the phone, may not have been the individual who called. Be friendly and understanding.

Personally, I never call the phone number back. They will call back if they need to talk to me.

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Laura said...

so true! i get about 1 call per hour like that. and they're usually so upset that i don't know who called them. my standard response is "we have over 900 employees and i have no way of knowing who called you." and i want to say duh!