Thursday, October 9, 2008


I am appalled that you have nothing better to do than sit and read my blog! Are you trying to tell me you have a life? Or, are you saying that I should wait more than 5 hours before expecting to see comments come rolling in? Or, maybe it is that my posts have gone a little on the boring side and you simply have nothing to say. (By the way, I am not talking to you Laura!) Or, perhaps it is because I have changed the "look" so much that I am confusing you. Oh, how I needlessly stress about my blog readership.

Let's make a compromise. I'll work on having more interesting posts, as well as not expecting you to respond quickly and to each post. You continue to read, and say, "hi" every time once and a while.


Has anyone else been watching the Presidential debates (raise your hand)? If so, what have you thought? Hubs and I looked at each other at one point on Tuesday night and said, "Do you have any idea what he just said?"

Now I consider myself a fairly educated individual. I love to learn and try to retain as much as I can; however, some of the answers were a little too detailed for (what I believe) the average United States citizens want and need to hear.

Some of you, I can already hear your responses. "But we need to know exactly what each candidate is going to do in each situation." "You should want to know every detail about their plans, otherwise they can just say anything." "We need to make sure these candidates know what they are talking about."

I agree, but when it comes to all those countries in Asia, I can honestly say that I don't know one from the other. I would just like to know what each candidate's foreign policy stance is and then maybe one example of how it would be put in to effect. Would that suffice for you?

Honestly, that is why I have enjoyed Governor Palin. She has spoke with clarity and plainness. I don't have to translate the words she uses, summarize the endless paragraphs, or wonder if what she said was what she really thinks.

Even still, I am looking forward to the final debate next week. If you are still on the fence with who to vote for, here are my first and final words:

Our country is in a state we have never seen before. We need leadership that will work with both parties to make smart decisions and legislation. There is one candidate who has, throughout his entire career in the US Senate, a proven track record of working to put numerous bipartisan legislation's through. The opposing candidate has spent his years in the US Senate only working to pass legislation that goes along his party line.

Which would you rather have as President?


millhouse said...

What an interesting election this has been. I don't know if I've heard Palin described as having spoke with clarity before though :).

I don't know who I will vote for yet. But it really frustrates me that one candidate in particular appears to have given up on the issues and instead has placed his hopes for election on making people scared of the other guy(especially after he wore the brunt of the same tactics in 2000). And you are right he has a long history of bipartisanship, but after this long election, I'm not sure that man exists anymore.

Sorry for the rant. Huckabee 2012!!!

The Feather Files said...

Hmm, Justin good point. Neither candidate was who I hoped would be in the running, but if I have to pick the worst of the two evils, I have chosen to pick McCain.

It would be interesting to see what a debate would be like where they could not bash the other person. I am assuming they have done plenty of research that negative campaining actually works, but I don't see why. It seems like it merely frustrates the people I talk to.

Laura said...

vote independent!! or as chad says, crap on your vote.
i'm sick and tired of the 2 party system and i'm not doing it anymore. i'm voting for who i want, not who i don't want!

why are you not speaking to me heater?? i comment alot on your blog! :)

Audrey said...

Sorry to hear about your car trouble, I've never had a flat to deal with. I would've slammed on the breaks too!! And it would've taken me a while to find the hazards lol.
But yes, I've been watching the debates and am a fan of Palin. Barak didn't even answer the last question of the last debate " what don't you know and what are you going to do about" something like that, he never answered it. Unless you count something like, " I want to make healthcare affordable for all americans" does that count??????
plus for me as a Christian, I can't EVER vote for someone pro choice, I don't care, I won't ever vote pro choice, maybe that's lame and idealisitic but the abortion issue is too huge for me.