Friday, October 24, 2008

Just have to brag

I got my birthday present from Hubs last night. He's taking me to the Nebraska vs. Baylor football game tomorrow! It's supposed to be sunny, 65 degrees, and I am very excited. A whole afternoon of Husker football, time with Hubs, and fun.

As a side note, this is the 2nd birthday that I have requested and received tickets to a football game. For my 11th (I think) birthday, my parents surprised me with tickets to a Buffalo Bills game vs. Kansas City. It was a big deal to me because my family in Kansas were big time Chiefs fans while we were big time Bills fans. I believe this was the year my grandpa and I started our friendly bet. Each year, we bet on our respective teams to win the game versus each other. The person who lost had to buy the other person something with their team's logo on it. Well, I was not disappointed with this game. My Buffalo Bills won 41-10 (I can still remember who made most of the touchdowns that day)! The cheerleaders were dressed up in costumes (for Halloween) and it was so much fun.

So, tomorrow's game will be another great birthday present and the best part will be spending uninterupted time with Hubs. Thanks Babe!


Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

ooooooo GIRRRRLLLL!!! Take lots of pictures!!

Good job Richard. happy wife = happy life. =)

Anonymous said...

You two have a fantastic time!!! ENJOY!!!

Love- Joan

Stephandherboys said...

How sweet - hope you had a good time! yay for a win!