Friday, October 3, 2008

Not my Night

I'm getting ready to leave work and go home for the evening. Earlier in the afternoon I saw my keys underneath the mound of work on my desk and thought, I should put those in a safe place so I don't have to search for them later. And, I did. The problem came when I couldn't remember where that safe place was. I searched for 15 minutes and could not find them. All I could think was that they were in one of the 20 boxes I packed up for UPS. I just knew that next week a client would call wondering why they received a set of keys.

Finally, as a last resort before calling the Hubs, I checked my purse for the 8th time. There they were - in the safe place.


I decided to make pumpkin cookies for our flock outing tonight. So, we went to the grocery store to pick up some pumpkin. Hubs says, "Do you need anything else?" To which, I confidently say that I don't. We get home, and I have no butter.

I went back to the grocery store.


After I used 4 cups of flour for these cookies (we will have cookies for months), the canister was getting low. Recalling that I had some leftover flour in a ziploc bag, I decide to replenish the current supply. As I am pouring the flour in, I realize something is not right.

The ziploc bag I picked up was powdered sugar.


As I'm measuring out ingredients, I need to add cinnamon. I add one teaspoon and run out. So I crawl onto the counters, digging through the cabinet looking furiously for more cinnamon, while knocking over ever other spice onto the count. Under no circumstance was I going to go back to the grocery store for a 3rd time! After breaking a sweat, there was no cinnamon to be found.

I shook every tiny bit of cinnamon out of the empty container and called it good.


Anonymous said...

What an adventure you had baking cookies. I had no idea it could be so much fun! : ) I am sure it was all well worth it as I have had the pleasure of having your pumpkin cookies and they are GREAT! I am thinking how good they would be with a cup of coffee right now. . . . : )

Yes, it is amazing how some of the things that happen around you bring back the memories (some happy, some sad and some that you want to forget). I hear a Johnny Cash song and it reminds me of my dad sitting in his chair reading and singing along to the music. The smell of bread baking takes me to many many family get togethers and my mother would bake endless pans of rolls and cinnamon rolls. A siren brings a flood of tears of the night my dad went home to be with the Lord.

OK - enough of that, we will talk soon.

Love- Joan

Melissa Marsh said...

Goodness! Good thing it's the weekend! And I bet the cookies taste delicious. :-)

Shanle's said...

I'm sorry, Heath, that's hilarious. I can just picture you with your hair in your face, all flustered... Sorry... Had to laugh at this one! Did your cookies still turn out okay??

Stephandherboys said...

Oh my goodness - welcome to my life - so read this one laughing b/c I do the same thing OFTEN!!

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

that's SOO funny, just because that's totally me...EVERYDAY, only I would add that the cookies were really bad. haha.

think you're bad now...wait til you have kids with a million more things you have to remember everywhere you go!!

I also lost my keys yesterday. guess where they were....purse. Guess who checked there 10 times. ME. Guess who finds em, Ry. You can imagine the look on his face.