Thursday, October 30, 2008

Gourds galore and painted coconuts?

Random should be my middle name.

This picture depicts 1/3 the amount of gourds we have in our office. A co-worker has more gourds than he can handle at home and has brought them in for us to take. What do you do with gourds? I have no clue, but that did not stop me from rushing in to pick out the very best ones.

These are my choices. Aren't they amazing? And, they are completely random...just like me. Look how one of them is completely orange, with a perfect circle of green on its butt. And, look at the one that has watermelon coloring, except for a little patch of orange. I haven't seen two that are exactly a like - they are all unique and creative in their own special way. Just like people. Isn't God's awesomeness seen in his creative creation?

Someone found a recipe for gourd chips, but I think they would be cool for decorating. Too bad I am not decorating-savvy. So, right now they are just sitting next to the plant on my desk.


Now this is hilarious.

Another one of my co-workers sent this painted coconut to us from Hawai'i. It has our names painted on it and it says, "I went nuts in Hawai'i." Now let me ask you: How nice is it that someone was thinking about us while vacationing? We think it just awesome and it sits on my desk, along with the gourds. And if you are doubting the authenticity of the coconut...I shook it and heard the milk inside! I'm definitely getting one of those when we go to Hawai'i again!


Anonymous said...

Hello - I never really got into gourds, although I do think they look cool when used in the right decorating setting. Have fun changing them around!

Fresh coconuts are awesome. I used to buy them when the kids were little. The coconut milk is different but the coconut itself was great!

Love- Joan

Sam and Abby McNair said...

ummm... do gourds have butts:)

The Feather Files said...

If they didn't before...they do now!