Sunday, August 8, 2010

Work Day!

Hubs and I rarely have house projects. We rent. So, yesterday we spent the day at my parents' home working on a major transformation.

The mission: cover this out-of-date blue house with blue trim with white paint
Hours worked: 12

There is a lot of blue. It was a big task and didn't necessarily get started on track. Finally, the first of the paint was applied:

When we started using the sprayer, progress sped up!

Getting dirty also sped up.

That's not a glove on his hand...

Wedding ring, watch...all sacrificed for the project. Or, inadvertantly sprayed by Jake.

I was content to work on the railing. All. Day.

Only my mother seemed comfortable high on a ladder, though we all were up there at different point in time. Hubs and I even ventured on the roof to get some hard-to-reach spots. It only took me 5 minutes to gain up the courage to actually get back on the ladder and come down. Finally, we reached our goal for the day and began the clean up. We used a lot of paint.

You may have noticed that we painted right over the windows...

Watch this...

Just cut...and peel.


Hubs thought it was cool too.

The railing turned out pretty well.

Mission: Accomplished!


joan said...

Wow . . . looks great. Hope you were drinking lots of Gatorade!

jnet said...

it looks awesome! your hard work paid off!

Audrey said...

wow that looks so good!! white was a good choice!!