Tuesday, August 3, 2010

To change or not to change?

I'm pretty sure I am writing to nobody these days. Our uneventful life in Kansas must keep you away. But, if for some crazy reason you stumble by, today I am thinking of change.

A change in my blog. I've had this design for over a year. I like the colors. I like that it is clean and simple and requires little maintenance. I don't want to change my blog a lot. I want consistency so that you know you are at the feather files. But, there are also some cool new designs that may be interesting to try. (I realize that those of you who don't venture from facebook to my blog may not even know what I am talking about. I encourage you to take a journey to my website and see what you think.)

A change in my bod. Today, as I was dressing, I put on my skirt and cami and realized that I have a very pronounced pooch in my mid-section. I'm being completely serious and not exaggerating at all. It was very shocking and I quickly put on some jeans (even though it is going to be 110 degrees today) that hid the pooch very nicely. I was comforted, after further examination, that this pooch isn't jelly-like. But for a pooch to pooch out so that it is noticeable with clothes is not good. This has me very disconcerted. I have know that the past months have not been good in the working-out department but I was quickly brought to reality today. Which is why I am toying with the idea of Operation Hot Bod: an operation to get in shape and healthy. I mean, I will be starting on this operation asap, but I thought it might also be cool to have you join in too. You know, if there is anyone out there reading this.

A change in my perspective. Each day, almost each hour, I am reminding myself to live my life according to what God has planned for me and not what I had planned for me. I have to constantly think about what would glorify God, instead of what would benefit me. I have to stop day dreaming, and consciously live the life before me to honor Him.


Shanle's said...

I'm still here just busier these days!! :)

Sam and Abby McNair said...

much love feather... still following you girl! i'd love to join you... looking forward to details!

Audrey said...

I know all about pooches, and mine is squishy.. ;)

Laura said...

i like your blog. it's calm and clean. somehow it just fits you!

jnet said...

i'm still here...you know me, all of a sudden i catch up! keep writing heather, i love your pictures, you thoughts and your stories. i miss you girl!!!!