Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Dog's Day at the Pool!

Every year, after our local pool closes for humans, it opens for dogs! They turn off the chlorine and filtration systems and let people bring their dogs for a fun time of swimming together. Hubs and I learned last year that you want to arrive early - no chlorine + dogs peeing in the pool = nasty water very quickly.

Ransom hasn't ever been a huge fan of water, but (like good parents) we force him to face his fears. We tried doing Caesar's was first, of gently coaxing him in by pulling his leash. Then, he began manuevering out of his collar, we Hubs just picked him up and put him in.

And then, we swam:

Hubs would stand on one end and I would stand on the other. We would just call for Ransom and he would happily paddle to us.

Is it sad that this was Hubs and I's only trip to the pool together this year???
If he puts his mind to it, he can swim pretty fast.

Ransom even started getting excited about a ball whilst swimming. He would chase it and even open his mouth and pick it up! You can't really see the ball in the water, but it's there and he is headed for it.

Unfortunately, injuries were incurred during this trip to the pool.

My leg after Ransom panicked about going into the pool. It's even more black and blue now.

And somehow Ransom has hurt his foot. We get to go to the vet tomorrow to see what is really the problem, but our guess is a strain, sprain, or break. Poor little guy barely can walk, but he sure is more cuddly when he is hurt!

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