Tuesday, August 17, 2010


...It's been true Kansas weather. Sweltering heat last week, cool 60s today. I began thinking about pumpkin spice lattes and long sleeves. Then I saw the forecast for next week - sweltering again.

...I've learned to read upside-down and sdrawkcab. My phone is dying a very slow death. When the screen is not upside-down and backwards, it is completely black. My MIL sent me her old phone (THANK YOU!), so soon (read: when I have an hour to spend at Verizon)I will be back in the world of communication via text. I will admit, it has been nice to be out-of-touch.

...I stumbled upon a very cute used bookstore (old books = excitement; old books + strong coffee = a perfect day). It is a little hole-in-the wall, one-room place with lots of character and a very nice owner. A new way to spend my day off.

...I've fallen in love with this puppy:

Hubs doesn't make it any easier. He sends me emails with the subject line of "AWWWWWW" and attaches adorable photos, videos and facts about this animal. His motive may or may not be to keep my mind off of real children, but it doesn't matter. I. want. this. puppy.

Meanwhile, I still love our happy, playful, lover-of-food pups. And, he has once again proved his smarts to us. No matter what, he always remembers where he put his ball. So, when we ask him to "Get your ball," and we see half his body disappear under our bed, we now realize that there really is a reason behind his crazy behavior.

...I've been marveling at what God has been teaching me about myself. My weak areas. What my life is to display and pursue. And though I still have moments of "why am I here Lord!" I rest content knowing that He knows.


Lindsay said...

Oh dear, if I wasn't so busy with my human children, I think I'd fall in love with that pup, too. Adorable! There's a reason God makes puppies and babies so cute you know... :-) Hehe!

joan said...

The puppy is adorable!

Shanle's said...

i am SO READY for fall (not like our fall will be anything comparable to the cool, crisp fall of NE) but i'm still eager!! we've been in the 100's for two weeks now and i'm tired of sweating every time i walk outside... we're accustomed to the weather, of course, so once it gets to be in the 60's, we'll be chilly!! AHH!! can't WAIT!!