Thursday, August 5, 2010

Fun "new" site

I just learned about a new website for editing your photos. And, I've been having lots of fun!

I'm an amateur photographer. I love to take pictures, but iphoto only provides limited editing and photoshop is pretty pricey. So, when I learned about, I had to try it out.

Here is a pretty basic photo and I used just a few of their different effects to give you a taste:

Original - Canon point and shoot:

Auto fix - added a little more clarity and vibrancy:

Black & White w/ spot color - I am so excited that I can do this to my pictures now:

1960s - love, love, love the rounded edges:

HDR-ish - brings out every little detail

Orton-ish - no idea what that means, but it could look really cool on a different photo

Focal Zoom - feel like I am in a vortex on this one

Pencil Sketch - also could be really cool with certain photos

That is just a taste of the many different effects they offer. Plus, within each effect you can control different levels, like how much blur, brightness, etc.

Really, it is a lot of fun to play on the site, and it is free! Enjoy!

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joan said...

That does look like fun Heather! Perhaps I will venture out and try it. Oh wait, I first would need to take some photos! Maybe next time you are in town you can show me how to do!