Saturday, August 14, 2010


This week:

The pups and I were in the paper for the 2nd time.

I received a call from a stranger, at work, who has read my blog.

I worked out.

I had more energy in the morning and evening (because I worked out).

I worked. A lot.

I talked with two local printing companies. One exhibited spectacular customer service and helpfulness. The other exhibited the opposite.

The (real) temperature was over 100 degrees, everyday. Reaching all the way to one-oh-eight.

We are going to the city today to buy new silverware!

I think I am going to attempt THREE new recipes for our guests tonight.

I will must complete the book I agreed to review on the feather files.

1 comment:

joan said...

Share the article please!
Will look forward to using new silverware!
What are your recipes.