Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Going through the breeds, part 2

This time I am going to introduce you to a few of my favorite possibilities. Actually, one of the following breeds I love so much, that I am ready to buy my first one today and start my business! Can you guess which one?

Look at this cute puppy:

This isn't a golden retriever, although it is just as cute as one. This is a Hovawart. It looks like a golden retriever with a lab's head. But, it comes in black, blond, or black and gold. They are "determined, obedient and affectionate, especially toward their master. Loyal to the family. Excellent with children..."

It's not bad looking, but that is one ginormous tail! Cute head; but, the tail ruins it.

This little fluff ball IS a golden retriever. An English Creme Golden Retriever

How could anyone pass up this little guy? That snow-white fur and black nose and eyes. This is a gorgeous dog and the breeding of them is a lot more selective than that of regular goldens. These are the creme-of-the-crop.

A golden retriever is always a good choice of dog - so loyal and gentle and playful. I would be delighted to breeding them for families!

Now, take a deep breath before gazing into these sweet eyes:

Floppy ears? Check!
Cute? Check! Check!

The Greater Swiss Mountain Dog, is "a happy, jovial breed with an enthusiastic nature and strong affinity to people and children. They are strongly dependant on people and crave attention and physical contact."

Um, can we say perfect.

Stoic...yet, playful.

I think I may have found the breed I was looking for.

But, since it is so fun to learn about other breeds, I'll keep looking. Just for fun.


joan said...


Audrey said...

the mountain dog is quite nice looking and I'm not a dog lover so there you go...

jnet said...

we have had golden retrievers...they are lovable, truly a man's best friend, yet the hair that they shed!!! it's so hard to keep up with!!!
our neighbor has a mountain dog. very friendly. i love the coloring!!!