Thursday, October 29, 2009

Time in the kitchen

Greek Lemon Chicken, Red Pepper Risotto, and Roasted Asparagus: sounds like it came straight from a restaurant menu. When, in fact, I slaved away making this very meal on Tuesday night. Oh, and then I made 5 dozen cookies. Ugh.

Then, I was so sick of cooking that I gave myself a break for the next two nights - cereal and leftovers.

I thought the risotto and asparagus was wonderful (I once thought I would never use the words "wonderful" and "asparagus" in the same sentence); the chicken was alright. Both recipes came from, which I highly recommend. AND, while I was looking up these recipes, I realized you can change the servings amount and it automatically adjusts the measurements. So, there goes another math skill down the tube.

I had never had risotto before, but finally put to use the bag of arborio rice that had been in my cupboard for an entire year. It is now one of my favorite foods - oh yum.

Tomorrow night we are having friends over. No slaving in the kitchen, though; I'm having them bring the food!


Laura said...

yum - asparagus! try it on the grill when it's nice out. we love it that way. same basic directions as roasting in the oven. but you get that yummy charred grill flavor too.

Dr. and Mrs. Thomas said...

I'll bring food if we're ever invited over. =)

wish you lived 10 minutes away.